Detroit Female Cops Flee Drive-By Shooting

Hodge Twins

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  1. Ram the car with the pedal down to shake em up.

    Back up, pop the doors and shoot like 2 motherfuckers covering for fucking re-loads.

    Call it in, and keep the cocksuckers pinned.

    Kill the FUCKERS HARD!


    At least erase the tape you two stupid coward pension hogs.

    Fuckin Gross!

  2. Notice the push bars you can see above the hood. That is a marked police car. If these maniacs are willing to start shooting at someone directly in front of a marked police car they could do anything.

  3. @Brad

    And their husbands at home trying on those fake Breastfeeding kits that they can fill with milk to experience what women do.

    What a world…

  4. @ Kcir (cause I give a kcuf) JULY 30, 2021 AT 4:50 PM

    A proudly he/him badged up was on the commuter train that begins in Seattle. He/him was on the phone bragging about his strap on man boob he and his wife had just bought. The faces of others sitting close enough to hear was priceless. He is also bragging about taking six months of paid leave curtesy of Google.

  5. I’m pretty sure Detroit Police requirements are high school diploma or GED unless they changed in the past 10 years.

  6. They left to get a social worker. Their error was not already having one in the trunk as a precaution, β€œjust in case”.

  7. I’m in Detroit for a few days, in a Hilton downtown as close to the hospital as I could find. Went out to dinner earlier. They’re trying like hell to revive Detroit. Rolling pubs, party party party atmosphere. Police everywhere but they look like school resource officers. We are not sleeping tonight for all the noise.

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