Detroit: Illegals busted in cockfighting ring

DFP: Authorities raided a building in southwest Detroit on Saturday as part of an investigation into cockfighting and illegal gambling.

There were 86 people inside the abandoned building in the 1200 block of Green, near Springwells and I-75, when multiple agencies executed a search warrant around 1 p.m, said Khaalid Walls, a spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

“We made approximately 50 administrative arrests for individuals who were in violation of immigration law,” he said.  “And those individuals will be detained in ICE custody pending removal proceedings.”  more


11 Comments on Detroit: Illegals busted in cockfighting ring

  1. You know, cock fighting is legal here, and
    I don’t understand the fascination with it, but
    if illegals target themselves doing it? Show us
    your cocks!

  2. Tony R,
    Not to mention drug-resistant diseases, TB, rape, tax-evasion, 7 families in a 1200 sq.ft. home, burning people’s eyes out with cigars for fun, drug-running, torture, murder, drunkenness, …

    izlamo delenda est …

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