Detroit Paper Blasts Dem Governor for Playing Politics With Coronavirus

Total Conservative: No one ever accused the Detroit News of being a conservative paper, but even the liberal editors have seen and heard enough of Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, who has tried her best to turn the coronavirus pandemic into a stepping stone to national politics. The gambit appears to have worked; her constant media appearances, where she inevitably takes shots at President Donald Trump, have made Whitmer a favorite to be Joe Biden’s running mate in the general election.

But while Whitmer’s star is soaring, her hometown paper is taking a dim view of her political maneuvering.

In an editorial on Saturday, the Detroit News said Whitmer should pay more attention to what’s going on in Michigan and less attention to what Trump is doing in Washington.

“Gov. Gretchen Whitmer must send an unequivocal message to her constituents that Michigan is her priority in this hour of crisis,” wrote the paper. “Her running feud with President Donald Trump calls into question whether she’s acting in the best interests of this state, or on behalf of the Democratic Party.”

The editors said that her regular media appearances were giving rise to questions of where, exactly, the governor’s priorities were at this time of crisis. read more

17 Comments on Detroit Paper Blasts Dem Governor for Playing Politics With Coronavirus

  1. Well hello Detroit Free Press. Welcome to the reality that democrats don’t care about anything but power. Your grandma’s life means nothing unless her loss becomes a gain for them. Your job? Same thing.

    I could launch on the corona opportunists right now.
    But the facts are in plain sight that democrats want an economic depression in order to regain power. Why else would one lockdown Virginia until june 10 without reason?


  2. These b actors in Demland are probably taking marching orders from lunatic Perez who replaced Debbie dumbass.

  3. Hey IOTW gang. Let’s rename this farcical national pucker factor 10 virus for what it is. A democrat plot.

    I’ll start.

    reCORONAtion 2020.

  4. She shut the boat launches down because fishing was not distancing. DNR had officers enforcing it up north.
    I heard today she backed off on it but they are trying to make it as painful to us as possible.

    Just like when they shut down all the National Parks. Saw an interview and she stated she had gotten a call from Nancy Pelosi and was asked if it was about about a possible VP job but she says she is not interested. B.S.

  5. speaking of ‘Detroit Free Press’ … anyone remember the ‘Washington Free Press’ back in the late ’60’s?

  6. Well there you have it. Whitmer isn’t as stupid as VA senator Timmy Kaine, who said Yes to Hillary in 2016.
    A smart person wouldn’t tie themself to the guy rope to the anchor of a sinking ship like USS Biden.

  7. Communist morality is about what advances communism in that moment.

    Whatever useful idiot needs to be used, manipulated, discarded, they will do just that. Remember Cindy Sheehan? Where is she now that Bush isn’t a punching bag for them?

  8. I read that article this morning. When you go to the comment section you would think it was a very unpopular opinion. Don’t be fooled. The dems/libs are playing hard in the comment sections of the papers here in Michigan. It’s always the same group of commenters, mostly educators and UAW kool aid drinkers but they’re relentless on anything union or pro Trump. Not a true reflection of most of the voters outside Detroit. Whitmer is very disliked.

  9. @Molon. After further reflection, Flu d’Etat is perfect. You win.

    They couldn’t win with all their other schemes, russian collusion, ukraine phone call, impeachment, so democrats have moved onto their Flu d’Etat.

  10. PHenry, one entry and you’ve declared a winner? How about:

    SARS-20 – “Suicide of the American Republican System 2020″

    DEMID-20 – Democrat intellectual Disease 2020

    Okay, I’ll keep thinking about it. Molon is too fast.

  11. My Governor, the enormous elevator fart Jay Inslee, has been unable to control his hyperbolic demonization since his vanity run at the presidential nomination on the communist side. This has resulted in a deficit of federal attention to SayWA concerns vis the virus. We (they) voted for this overgrown infant and we must suffer for his juvenile imprecations. Alligator mouth and a sparrow’s chest. I will take my punishment like a man though I had not the LEAST to do with electing this HORSE’S ASS to the governorship of my poor state.

  12. ^ The good thing Walter, is that WA is so industrially diverse that many people are just ignoring him and carrying on anyway. Too many “essential” industries.

  13. “Essential”
    You know it doesn’t matter if you buff boots or boats or fill in the blank, when you do it for a living, it’s essential.

  14. Gretchen Whitmer has loads of dirty laundry not yet exposed. She was expected to prosecute the child molester Larry Nasser, the guy who molested all the olympic gymnasts.
    She did not want to prosecute him for molestation instead, she only wanted to charge him for pornography found on his computer. A much lesser sentence. Both cases were taken from her by the Sheriff (an unusual move in itself) and turned over to another prosecutor.
    She didn’t mind all the young girls being molested which was shocking as she had claimed she was molested during a speech for the Democrat party. Ultimately, Larry Nasser was convicted and sentenced to 175 years in prison. After more charges were added an additional 40-125 years was added to the sentence. She is one evil woman in my opinion.
    Her speech helped forward the career of another Democrat hypocrite. Vote her out.


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