Detroit police release video of man firing at cops before officers fatally shoot him

“It’s simply a miracle he wasn’t struck in the head,” the Detroit police chief said of the officer, who was unharmed. 

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  1. But…but…but…he was a good boy, going to enter med school in the fall, and he was on his way to choir practice, and why didn’t the racist police shoot him in the leg, or shoot the gun out of his hand.

    Note: The above was sarcasm.

  2. Blacks and whites kill police officers at almost the same percentage, that is 44% v 43%(w) of police killed by surprise attacks, assassinations, ambushes, traffic pursuits, DV or serving court papers.

    However black males make up about 6.5% of the population v about 32% for while males. So the black male population are murdering police officers at a rate 5!! times that of the white male population.

    Black on white violent crime is almost 10x the reverse. Again with those population stats, you’d expect much different numbers.

    Why? I’ll say it. I suspect blacks are much more prone to easy violence for two reasons. The first is their combination of low average IQ and a relative inability to defer gratification.

    This leads to a smash-and-grab mentality that is reflected in high rates of violent crime. I suspect blacks in Western societies also riot as an expression of hatred for whites, whom they recognize, consciously or not, as capable of living in a superior way.

    These poor cops(and I’m not a huge fan of LE) in big cities are literally putting their lives on the line every day. The media is a disgrace, as are both the dems for encouraging BLM crap and the Rs for not standing up for the cops.

    Throw in worthless commie teachers pouring on the lies about this country and it’s no wonder thugs feel like they’re entitled to plug away.

    What a fucking shitshow.


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