Devin Nunes on peeling the Russia probe ‘onion’


California Republican Rep. Devin Nunes says that counter intelligence is more often used to go after foreign adversaries.

8 Comments on Devin Nunes on peeling the Russia probe ‘onion’

  1. Christopher Steele is a fictitious creation of the left. If you look carefully you’ll notice it’s really Barry Manilow.

  2. The Limeys and Aussies governments should be ashamed of themselves. Their diplomatic & intelligence services’ desire to see Killary win created the chink in the West’s armor that allowed Russian FSB & GRU disinformatsiya to infest our presidential election and create chaos in the form of a 2-1/2 year witch Hunt that weakened our nation.

  3. …the best way to peel this onion is with several short sections of thick, coarse rope…


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