Devin Nunes says he is investigating Brookings Institution think tank in Russia probe

Just The News:

Rep. Devin Nunes during a television appearance on Fox News Channel said that “we’ve now expanded our investigation, full-blown investigation into the Brookings Institute.”

The congressman said that the two focuses of the investigation are whether Brookings, a tax exempt entity, had engaged in politics, which Nunes said that it has, and whether the institution, which receives foreign donations, took actions to benefit a foreign government.

The California Republican’s remarks on “Sunday Morning Futures” came as the identity of a Steele Dossier source was recently revealed to be Igor Danchenko, who previously served as a senior research analyst with Brookings.  more

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  1. Brookings was one of my assigned typewriter customers back in the 70s…… Bunch of assholes back then as well.

  2. I support the idea behind this, but let’s be realistic – nothing will change.

    At the worst, Brookings will get a sternly worded rebuke. There isn’t anything else the Senate can do. The Institute will continue promoting left-wing ideas, and maybe an unimportant “moderate” idea a couple of times each year so that they appear unbiased.

  3. It’s going to expose the people connected to the Brookings institute. Like hillary’s people. And Doug Schoen. (As seen on CNN and FOX, MSNBC…)
    Even if they did help write the fake dossier, the FBI and the CIA knew it was bullshit, and they didn’t have to accept it as a fact.
    Brookings will just lose their standing as a think tank among the people who are shallowly interested in their sort of thing, but the left has no shame. They won’t care. But, again, at least expose the names. Because from now on, when they’re talked about, this will be the TP stuck to their shoes. If they aren’t jailed, at least make it hard for them to work again. That’s about it.

  4. oh, wow! …. bet they’re reaaaaaaaaally scared now!

    almost as bad as a rebuke from Little Lindsey!

  5. That one charge won’t revoke their tax-exempt status but it may spawn an IRS investigation to see if there is a pattern of behavior that does warrant a revoking. Unlike the Obama IRS there has to be a reason and a provable case for this type of action. If they do lose (this would all likely take place after Trump’s re-election, if he loses then it will all just disappear) tax-exempt status then I suspect a lot of their operating cash disappears overnight.

  6. I notice that as the damning information regarding the coup seeps out and amasses, it seems to directly coincide with the escalating level of violence and lawlessness from the democrats.

  7. I don’t think the Brookings Institute has to worry about their tax status. If we can’t even revoke the 501(C) 3 status of the SPLC or BLM we damn sure don’t have backbone in congress to do anything meaningful against Brookings.


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