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Devin Nunes Will Depart Congress to Become CEO of Trump Media and Technology Group

CTH: Interesting developments that add a more fulsome context to the Axios report about alternative Tech platforms earlier in the day.

Several news outlets are now reporting that Congressman Devin Nunes (R-CA) will exit his congressional seat at the end of this month and take a position as CEO of the newly formed Trump Media and Technology Group (TMTG).

Many people are wondering why hire a congressman and not a technology expert.  To wit, I would say Trump’s not hiring a congressman.  It looks to me like he’s hiring a professional with specific expertise in the intelligence arena.

If you think about the bigger battleground, a technology CEO with subject matter expertise in the U.S. intelligence system is a skillset to be appreciated. more

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  1. As much as I do appreciate what Trump and Nunes have done, now is not the time to be giving up a seat in the House when Nancy may be ejected. I do not know who will run for Devin’s seat, but I do hope it is someone who is a reliable American.

  2. This BULLSHIT really pisses me off! He solicited campaign contributions and votes from his constituents and they had an expectation that if he won he would serve those that voted for him. And Trump! WTF is he doing weakening our presence in the house by taking away a key member?!?! This is absolute BULLSHIT!! I’m just a little pissed off with this!

  3. Nunes is probably in a safe district and his successor has probably already been identified. That would be Trumpian.

    I’m glad Trump is choosing someone he can trust. He doesn’t need to learn that lesson again with someone who could sabotage an enterprise this important. He’s only got one shot at.

  4. problem is (as your’s truly sees it) Trump has shown to put too much trust in politicians (better known as scum of the earth) …. remember Jeffie Sessions? … how many times have we screamed to the heavens for Trump to dump him … Pompeo?, Pence?, McConnell?, Romney? … so many … how many ‘republican’ politiho’s gotta stab him in the back before he either buys a clue or utters ‘Et tu Brute?’

  5. I’ve got to believe that there is someone in private industry that is fully qualified to fulfill the role that Nunes will. Even if Nunes’ successor is identified and ultimately wins he will not have the clout that Nunes has. As much as I like Trump his personnel choices are poor. And I might be proven wrong, but this move does not make America great again.

  6. Posted without comment:

    It’s being reported that the gang of grifters around former President Trump raised $1 billion dollars from a bunch of satanic hedge funds for a project that failed to even launch into beta testing as promised in November and was hacked within hours of being announced.

    This is a project with currently no public product, no users, and no revenue that is now worth $4 billion dollars “just because.” Perhaps their business model will involve selling covid vaccines to kids or something, who knows.

    The stock is currently trading on pure speculation. The vast majority of that trading is coming from President Trump’s main street supporters, the good and decent hardworking Americans who are buying the stock in anticipation of it going even higher if and when a service ever actually launches.

    I truly hope and pray that the Wall Street short sellers and hedge funds don’t screw these good people over like they always do, but it appears that Trump Media itself is already doing so with this new billion dollar deal which is reportedly going to massively dilute existing investors. The SEC is now investigating all of this.

    Gab news.

  7. You’re absolutely right Abigail,Nunes is absolutely the perfect person to be in charge of this. I’m looking forward to some great great things

  8. Interesting is right. This confirms Trumps commitment to his new enterprise. I wish more politicians had the nerve to jump out of politics instead of being life long dependents.

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