DHS: Bigger virus ‘catastrophe’ avoided by stopping illegal immigration

WaEx: The Trump administration’s success at reducing illegal crossings over the southern border blocked an even bigger coronavirus “catastrophe” spread from U.S. Border Patrol holding facilities to hundreds of American cities, according to officials.

Chad Wolf, the acting secretary of homeland security, told Secrets that the border shutdown spelled out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the White House and enforced by his officers has helped to keep COVID-19 hot spots away from the border and most of his team.

“It has saved American lives and has prevented a potential catastrophe along our southwest border during this pandemic,” he said in an interview of his authority under Title 42 quarantine rules. more here

7 Comments on DHS: Bigger virus ‘catastrophe’ avoided by stopping illegal immigration

  1. Yet another thing that the DNC either (1) never thought about or (2) did think about and gave zero shits.

    Stupid, corrupt, or both?


  2. The catastrophe avoided wasn’t blocking the flu from being imported. It was the illegal aliens themselves.

  3. The ‘pandemic’ at the border should never be declared over so the illegal immigration blockade can continue forever.

  4. Maybe they’ll now be able to argue for, and perform, testing for multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, or MDR TB. That is here now too, thanks to open borders.
    That ain’t gonna go away so easily.

  5. 66 years ago Ike understood, as in honesty do the Bush Clan they just lie. Because Ike loved Americans OPERATION WETBACK.


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