DHS Chief: Illegals will not be dumped in Florida

DC: Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan said the White House considered dumping illegal migrants in Florida, but the administration later decided against it.

“No. We’re using the southwest border sectors for additional capacity,” McAleenan stated during an interview Sunday with CBS News’ “Face the Nation.” The acting DHS secretary said the administration decided against the controversial plan because it wasn’t an “effective use of resources.”

“[W]e looked at it from a planning perspective,” he continued. “There wasn’t going to be an effective use of resources. But yeah, we had to look at all options. When you have sixteen thousand people in custody and facilities designed for many fewer, you’ve got to look at any planning factor you can.”

McAleenan’s comments come after the Trump administration told officials in Palm Beach and Broward Counties in Florida that it was going to start sending them around 1,000 asylum seekers a month from the El Paso, Texas, area. The announcement sparked intense backlash from Gov. Ron DeSantis and Sen. Marco Rubio, two Florida Republicans that are closely aligned with President Donald Trump.

“President [Trump] and I spoke yesterday and confirmed that he did not approve, nor would approve, sending immigrants who illegally cross the border, to Florida. It is not going to happen,” DeSantis tweeted Sunday. The governor was able to claim victory after the acting commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, John Sanders, decided Saturday to nix the idea altogether.  read more

10 Comments on DHS Chief: Illegals will not be dumped in Florida

  1. Florida has its own problems with all the illegal Cuban Migrants.

    Send ’em to Blue states.

  2. Where’s Judge Roy Bean (the hangin judge) when you need him! The Law West of the Pecos!! or ever meaner is Justice Jeanine!!!

  3. I saw two large unmarked busses with black bars over the windows leaving ATL Airport heading south last week on state highway (not interstate). There are no federal prisons in that direction, so I can only assume it was illegals being shipped to South Georgia or on into Florida via the back roads.

  4. The thousands are still being freely allowed in and are still going to be transported into various US urban areas. This is NOT what we intended to get when Americans voted for Trump. Accepting this illegals’ process as normal is exactly what the media and the Trump administration want. No more objections here any more about this? As long as the thousands of illegals and parasitic immigrants don’t affect anyone personally, it has become acceptable?

  5. The TSA groping dudes are for domestic Americans and are generally not from the “better character” unemployed pool.
    They will be given the same power to harass ANY persons within the designated 100 mile inland border area. The ACLU is generally despicable in its actions, but it does present an argument that is legitimate about the intrusive, unConstitutional actions of the CBP in border areas.

    First on CNN: TSA to deploy hundreds, including air marshals, to border
    Rene Marsh-Profile-ImageGregory Wallace Profile
    By Rene Marsh and Gregory Wallace, CNN
    Updated 0923 GMT (1723 HKT) May 15, 2019

    “The expansion of government power both at and near the border is part of a trend toward expanding police and national security powers without regard to the effect of such expansion on our most fundamental and treasured Constitutional rights. The federal government’s dragnet
    approach to law enforcement and national security is one that is increasingly turning us all into suspects.
    If Americans do not continue to challenge the expansion of federal power over the individual, we risk forfeiting the fundamental rights and freedoms that we inherited—including the right to simply go about our business free from government interference, harassment and abuse.”

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