DHS Pauses Fast-Track H-1B Approvals for Six Months

Breitbart: Officials at the Department of Homeland Security have announced they are temporarily closing a fast-track process for companies seeking to hire foreign professionals via the controversial H-1B outsourcing program.

The decision by officials working for DHS chief John Kelly to shut the “premium processing” loophole for six months will likely delay approval of H-1B visa requests for months, say employers and some immigration lawyers who make their living by importing foreign replacement workers into the United States.

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8 Comments on DHS Pauses Fast-Track H-1B Approvals for Six Months

  1. There are many many more forces out there trying to reduce American wages and take American’s jobs than there are trying to help the average American get better wages and keep their jobs.

  2. H-1B visa hires, even though paid less, are not a bargain for business. In the programming world they generally do exactly as they are told, while Americans will sometimes question aspects of a design specification because they think. Sometimes out of the box which is an incalculable benefit.
    I remember one H-1B situation while I programmed for a retailer. Her program sent messages to users in a sales inquiry program that said “today, no money make”.

  3. It’s not just companies that are misusing the H1-B program, it’s government as well. One of Trumps executive orders ought to be a review of foreign workers in middle to senior positions in the government to ensure that the rules governing hiring under this process were followed. Private companies that hired foreign workers ought to be told to assemble the same sort of proof because in the coming months government inspectors will either make a site visit and randomly inspect some of the documentation or will require that it be sent to the government for inspection. I’d bet less then 50% of the hires would pass muster.

  4. When the H1-B hires come here, the corp. doesn’t have to deal with the corruption of the foreign gov’t. Just our gov’t corruption. Save a lot of time and money.
    Same shitty product, tho.

  5. I called a company last week for some Tec. support and could not understand a word they said-I asked where she was located and surprise—it was India, so I hung up the phone and called a friend who lives local to me. Problem got fixed and we had a good laugh in ENGLISH..

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