Diamond Ad Tells Women To Propose To Men

The Federalist: In a new ad, Jared the Galleria of Diamonds urges women to “Dare to ask.” The ask in question is a marriage proposal. In the 15-second ad, a woman drops to one knee before her man on a fancy balcony and presents a ring that he accepts, then displays to a crowded restaurant.

I get the idea here. But, honestly, no. Just no.

Men should propose to women, not the other way around. I know that’s controversial in 2018, and I do not hold cheap the marriages that no doubt exist in which some young woman summoned her inner Bette Davis and popped the question. But there really are good, sound, and sensible reasons  this tradition exists.

Before getting into those reasons, let’s get something out of the way. Yes, the practice of men asking women to marry them is rooted in a dark past in which women were sometimes viewed as not much more than property to be bartered for kingdoms, fortunes, or cows. But every custom that exists in our culture, every norm, was crafted in the crucible of unimaginable bigotry, violence, and cruelty. That doesn’t mean they all deserve the dustbin.

Before progressives start throwing tomatoes at me and yelling about equality, let me bring up a word they often use: consent. There was a time, and it wasn’t that long ago, when sex before marriage was considered, well, bad. In no small way, historically, when a man asks a woman to marry him, he is asking if he can have sex with her. This ritual, this rite of passage for consent is a powerful symbol for young men.

The cultural norm that it is the man who asks to engage in courtship is an important one. It teaches men that a woman’s consent is more important than his desires. It places immeasurable value on the word “yes,” as in “she said yes.” With all due respect to the ad copy guys at Jared’s agency, I’m not sure they understand what cultural forces they are playing with in attempting to upend that to sell a few rings. Now that I mention it: if a man isn’t a member of the Rat Pack or Rudy Giuliani, wearing a diamond ring is a little weird. more here


A word of advice to the men: If you turn her down, protect your balls. 🤣

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  1. My wife didn’t exactly propose to me. She said we’re getting married or I’m moving out. That’s almost a proposal, but not quite.

    That was 35 years ago, so far it’s working out.

  2. Well, if she gotz down on her nees in front of ME – she woodn’t sya nuthing but
    “mmffff mmmmmmffff mmmmmmffff”

  3. According to some census data I suscribe to, the number of couples in the main marriageable range who are cohabitating now exceeds the number of married couples. Also, couples are marrying much later, and the number of single households is increasing.

    Particularly in light of the artificial “recommendation” on the price of an engagement ring (two or three times your monthly salary – are you kidding?), this trend is cutting into Jared’s bottom line. In this age of feminism, where women don’t need men to succeed and men are under social attack, this trend seems likely to continue, and Jared is looking for another way to boost sales.

    Follow the money.

  4. The right girl won’t have to ask you: you’ll know to ask her. Unless you’re just not ready. Too bad you’ll miss out: the right girl is very, very hard to find.

  5. So, the first couple of times I saw Jared’s ad, it was the entire ad consisting of man proposing to man, woman proposing to man, man proposing to woman with elementary aged rugrat, and man proposing to woman. It was racially, ethnically, and politically correct…..covering all the options.

    I will NEVER do business with Jared’s.


  6. If you analyze the risk/reward of a man marrying in 2018 America, it becomes clear that more men are going to avoid it like the plague. Hence the need for Jared’s to get women to go on offense.

  7. After the Left pushing soy boys, feminazis, and all the accompanying anti-traditional/stability aspects of life, MARRIAGES ARE DECREASING…
    …meaning: diamond sales are decreasing…AND: Jared *has* to come up with a good new approach to sell their wares.

    I’ll wait for the “proposal to a sexbot” ad before I pass judgement.

  8. My mom asked my dad. Damn near caused him to crash his Cougar. He was goin’ to Cuba and she didn’t want to wait.

    My wife asked me. Damn near caused me to spill my beer. I was headed down to Mesiko and she didn’t want to wait.


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