Diamond and Silk: White liberals talk systemic racism, yet they ‘put the systems in place’

JTN: Prominent African-American vloggers Lynnette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson, better known as Diamond and Silk, are upset about white liberals who talk systemic racism, yet “put the systems in place.” 

The sisters, who serve on President Trump’s campaign advisory board, said white liberals controlling predominately black, inner-city areas for the past 60 years are the same liberals who convinced enough black Americans to vote against their own interests. 

“These people practice Marxism,” said Hardaway (aka “Diamond”) during a joint video interview with her sister to discuss nationwide protests sparked by the killing of African-American George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police. “They are into that. So what they’re trying to do is they’re trying to turn our country into a communist country and use black people to do it. You have white liberals, they talk about systematic racism or systemic racism, but they’re the ones who put the systems in place … the liberal agenda and the liberal ideology that have destroyed black people, the black man.”  more here

6 Comments on Diamond and Silk: White liberals talk systemic racism, yet they ‘put the systems in place’

  1. That’s a great point! I have a hard time listening to them, but they do well for Trump so I’m not going to criticize.

  2. It’s always amazing that the plain truth, there for all to see is always the hardest sell.

  3. Whenever I see these two my mind immediately goes to an old cartoon called Heckle and Jeckle the talking magpies.

  4. D&S have also noticed, I think, the democrats are awful busy these days demanding the removal of statues of democrats and the removal of their names from buildings, highways, schools, and other public places.

    Why, do you think, the democrats are frantic to remove from historic memory their past members, that they formerly held in high esteem?


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