Diamond & Silk: Maxine Waters is Determined to Be A Pain In The A$$!

Diamond and Silk have just about had enough of Maxine Waters. When you come for Donald Trump, Diamond and Silk are going to come for you. The ladies set Maxine Waters straight and shows no mercy.
Caution: Proceed at your own risk and don’t be drinking coffee while watching.

*Salty Language Alert*

h/t Andre.

SNIP: I need to learn this look and they need to teach that class. LOL!

14 Comments on Diamond & Silk: Maxine Waters is Determined to Be A Pain In The A$$!

  1. I’d forgotten to subscribe to them during the election, so I think that I’ll just go and remedy that…

  2. I like that they laughed at the end. They serious, but don’t take themselves too seriously.

    Those side-to-side head movements are just perfect. Says so much.

    That being said…

    SNAP! Oh, yes you did! Tell it sister!

  3. I was once a witness to an argument between a gal that looked like Silk, who was a clerk in a token booth in the NYC Subway System, and a fat black whore who wanted “to go down town for free.” The clerk would have none of it. The argument went on for a while and I didn’t get involved. The end up was the whore shouting at “Silk” “You can kiss my ass bitch.” To which “Silk” responded, “You all ass bitch, where the fuck you want me to start?” Ah those were the days.

  4. Only black women can pull off that kind of body language.
    It’s good to see something funny for a change. And that was Fun.


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