Dianne Feinstein Has Got To Go!

American Thinker:

As Sen. Lindsey Graham unexpectedly elevated himself to statesman during the last of the Senate hearings on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh Thursday, Sen. Dianne Feinstein dropped herself to bottom of the barrel as a political hack.  Her performance, from start to finish, was a disgrace.  It was so bad, so loathsome, even to the left, that it’s hard to think it won’t cost her her Senate seat, where she is in a tight race this November.

Here was the exchange on the Senate floor just yesterday, and Fox News has a video here:

“Only at an 11th hour, on the eve of Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation vote, did the ranking member refer the allegations to the FBI.  And then the allegations were leaked to the press.  That’s where Dr. Ford was mistreated.  This is a shameful way to treat our witness, who insisted on confidentiality, and Judge Kavanaugh, who has had to address these allegations in the midst of a media circus.”

Feinstein responded to Grassley’s criticism when she began her opening remarks, saying, “Yes, I did receive a letter from Dr. Ford … the next day, I called Dr. Ford, we spoke on the phone, she reiterated that she wanted this held confidential.  And I held it confidential, up to a point where the witness was willing to come forward.”

Here’s a rundown of how bad she was:

15 Comments on Dianne Feinstein Has Got To Go!

  1. This old witch has done nothing but muddy the waters of the political landscape. She certainly does need to go and take that ancient pos george soros (sore ass) with her.

  2. There should be mandatory FBI investigations done on Feinstein and CB Ford. Just who they are working for should be made public. Subversion is criminal activity. Probable Treason with payoffs should send them to Federal prison for life!

  3. It’s my understanding that her primary challenger is as head whacked as Occasional Cortex. Feinstein is not radical left enough.

  4. The only reason to want her gone is spite. She is now a proven liability to Obama’s radical left. Why trade the enemy you know for the one you don’t? It’s not like a conservative will ever get that seat.

  5. de Leon wrote the ‘sanctuary state’ bill. But I’ll still vote for him, just to get a weaker senator in there.
    I will vote for Ted Lieu for my district – he does so much to help the GOP cause!!! 🙂

  6. It’s got to be more than just “go”. These swamp leeches go, taking with them everything they’ve sucked for years, and with no repercussions, another one just takes their place.


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