Dice: Glenn Beck Sinks His Fangs Into CRTV

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  1. @MJA, I think you’re going to see a perpetual line at the exit door until they quietly euthanize this bastard of an idea. Wonder how long Levin will stay?

  2. I thought Mark Levin was smarter than that. I quit watching and listening to Glenn Beck when he became a Never Trumper and boarded the crazy train. This will not turn out well.

  3. Cancelled my CRTV subscription….I don’t hang out with loons like Beck!
    What were they thinking? CRTV was growing and doing well….Beck’s “Blaze” is a sinking ship…they just doomed CRTV!

  4. Michelle Malkin has done very well for herself over the years, developing quality news channels and selling them. Every one has suffered after her departure although some are still decent. No idea whether she profited from this one but she certainly knows when to leave.

  5. I stopped listening to Glenn(da) Beck in 2014 when his narcissism and Mormon ideologies took over his perspective. Realized he was mad as a hatter soon after.
    Really started to witness his downward spiral when he put crushed cheese puffs on his face, making fun of Mr. Trump when he was a candidate. The teddy bear giveaway at the border sealed the deal that it’s all about Beck. CRTV is doomed.
    BTW, still waiting for him to come out of the closet. Suspect he’s in denial.

  6. DAN

    Agreed! I heard her on the drive home decades ago – Larry Elder Show, back before KABC went liberal – I was very impressed. Still am a century later!

  7. This will end in blood and tears. Is Levin broke? Will Levin keep Beck on a short leash? I mean it literally galls Beck to even say Trump’s name.

  8. Everything goes back to Trump. Gavin is an effective supporter of Trump that has to be silenced! He is afunny as heck too.

  9. Dumped Beck a long time ago when he began to show symptoms of derangement. Just dumped CRTV, its done the same thing.


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