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Dice: Hollywood’s Secret Operations Revealed

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  1. Weed everything Hollywood out of your life. You will feel so much better. You will be safe from communist mind pollution, and save a whole lot of money on snacks and popcorn.

  2. I don’t watch any propaganda shows about our crooked government since Trump exposed the deep state.

  3. Not sure I’m all in on this one. I’ve seen plenty of films that depict government agencies in a bad light. Time will tell I guess.

  4. What is alarming is a standard depopulation spiel in several shows on Netflix/Amazon – Utopia, Biohackers etc. where they say we have too many people on the planet, we are going to save the planet and humanity by depopulating otherwise we don’t have the resources to support everyone and we’ll break out into wars and deplete the planet. The answer in these dystopic shows is to create infertility, illnesses and hide cures. So if a lot of people get sick and start dying, or are found to be infertile in the years ahead from this vaccine how likely is it they say yeah too bad but look how much better the world is. Pre-emptivbe programming.


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