Dice: Kevin Hart’s Career Is Over After Crossing Hollywood Puppet Masters


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  1. He allowed himself to get Roseanned. I thought comedians were supposed to be quick on their feet and bold? He said that groveling doesn’t beat back internet trolls and he did it anyway.

    Well, congrats, Kev. You’re their bitch now. You’ll only be taken out of the storage closet when they need you for something.

  2. Clearly, the intersectionality of systemic oppression of queers trumps the toxic masculinity of a black man, a card-carrying member of a marginalized group, who makes a living thinking up humorous and terribly hurtful macro and microaggressions against every group one can think of, including homosexuals, while at the same time in his black heart of hearts lusts after heterosexual blonde haired blue eyed Caucasian female demons.

  3. The Academy gave Hart two choices: apologize or step down as host. To Hart’s credit, he chose both. The apology was a career move, and backing out of hosting the Oscars was probably a good career move as well.

    The Academy Awards show is Hollywood’s annual attempt to interest the public in films other than the handful of action/superhero blockbusters that people actually see. It’s a trade show, and the host is expected to kow tow to the trade show leaders. The hosting gig should actually go to people like Kimmel who are willing to kiss the producer’s ass and have nothing to lose by hosting.

  4. The Democrats really don’t give two $hits about, race, gender identity, rape, incest, global warming,(except Al Gore, who has made millions selling fake carbon credits), illegal immigrants, DACA, Metoo, SJW, and the list goes on………… and on.
    So long as it pisses somebody off, they can redirect that anger against conservatives, common sense, and people who work for a living.

  5. He should have said, “The Academy is concerned about old tweets while they give an Oscar to child rapist Roman Polanski? I quit!”

  6. And then try to walk it back, which then makes you look like a schmuck to others who may have supported your position.
    Yep, career over.

  7. Why MUST this dude’s career be over? He now has the ear of half the country. Why not start a tour of Heritage America. If he’d fine tune his routine to include barbs against the hypocrises of the Tolerant Left, he’d pull in 15 to 20K wherever he went. You dont even have to craft jokes about it, We’re some of the best political jesters around and we can’t even keep up with their idiocies

    When Tim Allen’s show was cancelled, why wasn’t there an immediate Tim Allen “Fuck You” tour booked? Do conservatives have an aversion to becoming instantly wealthy? We could have filled football stadiums with people who would have come to see that.

    Now we have Kid Rock being booted off a Christmas parade for voicing an opinion about “Ubertwatfuehrer” Joy Behar that is shared by the VAST majority of people in Tennessee. Will there be a boycott of this pageant because of this? How about a Kid Rock fuck you concert in the local college football stadium where everyone sings Christmas carols.

    We need to start thinking in these terms

  8. It’s like Dave Chappelle said when they wanted him to dress as a Woman & He said Hell No! They questioned him, browbeat him & tried to Force him & he said I’m Funny I don’t need Women’s clothing. After standing his ground they came up with a new Skit in 5 minutes. At that point he knew that the PTB were Not happy with him anymore so when they offered him $50 Million to Renew his show he said No. He would have had to Sell his Soul for that $50 Million so he said he would rather be able to live with Himself & be a Good Role Model to his kids instead of being Hollywood Fake & Gay. Having grown up in The Gay Area(San Franshitsco) Most people have No idea just how Depraved Many Gays are even to this day. One Big Secret is that they Cruise for Underage meat meaning Young Gay Prostitutes which clearly means Many Gay Men are Hebophiles. I can accept any well behaved & productive Gay or Lesbian person – but the Sick Ho-Moes Anti-Manly Lezboz & Trans can All Basically Go Eat Sh*t, Go to Hell & DIE!

  9. Already being non-PC can cost your your job and your career. Where is this headed? In the 20th century Leftist governments killed over 100 million of their own people, mostly to enforce politically correct thinking. That’s where this is heading. If we don’t force it to stop.

  10. @Callmelennie-if you want to see the most unPC show you can imagine, catch the HodgeTwins if they’re coming to a town near you. They are unapologetically conservative. And funnier than hell too. They’re definitely on the raunchy side so their humor isn’t for everyone but they ain’t toning shit down.

  11. The Rock and shitty 80s movie remakes hardest hit.

    All those jokes about faggotry, trannies and crossdressing are what ultimately got it accepted in the mainstream. They should be sucking his dick, not getting him fired.


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