Dice: Media Losing Their Minds Over Kanye Trump Meeting 😂

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  1. Because they can’t cover the legislation PDJT signed to help out musicians (retroactive to ’72), the unanimous bill to take care of the huge floating garbage pile in the ocean, Hershel Walker calling for Don Lemon to be fired for racism, or James Brown (in front of the WH yesterday) repeating his position that players should stand for the flag.

  2. Where’s the editorial cartoon of Kanye strung up like Kunta Kinte in Roots and lashed with whips from all the networks until he says he loves Hillary.

    Or that, ok, I’m a victim of racist oppresion.

    Because it wouldn’t have been true until he sided against them.

  3. Oops!
    Too late … they lost their minds the morning after the election … now they’re just rabidly gnawing themselves (and us) to death.

    The realization that Americans aren’t ready for the totalitarian Gulag unhinged them.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Nobody remembers the Clintons using the Lincoln bedroom as a Motel?
    Nobody remembers the Obolas shuckin and jivin every Thursday night?
    Nobody remembers when Kennedy made the White House his personal Whore House?

    My goodness – how selective!

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I’ve never had any use for Kanye West. But he did make some salient points yesterday. OK, a lot of that rant was gibberish, but at times it was freakin’ brilliant.

    Loved the fact that he understands that cops sometimes HAVE to use lethal force because they’re LAW ENFORCEMENT. He’s also right that sometimes they’re just being assholes…I’ve seen plenty of that. But it was refreshing to hear a black man state the case rationally.

    He was also right about jobs here in America being the key to keeping black men out of prisons (“cheapest factory system out there”…GREAT line).

    And he’s getting hammered for saying welfare recipients get more money for having more kids. OK, the law was changed about CASH benefits, but they damn sure get more in food stamp benefits…a LOT more.

    And I loved when he said that when Trump looks bad, we ALL look bad, to the rest of the world. Absolute truth right there, but when the Left couldn’t care less if the rest of the world hates us, it’ll fall on deaf (media) ears.

    This was a brilliant move on Trump’s part…having the press in that meeting. He knew what the reaction would be from CNN and MSNBC…and now so does black America. Toe the line, negro, or we’ll whip the shit out of you.

  6. Ain’t it fun to watch all these self-absorbed, bottled-water-drinking, kumbaya-singing, Rainbow Plantation, fabulously-wealthy, Plastic, White, Lefty elites throwing up the shields and running for cover under their rainbow umbrella of Political Correctness to avoid being singled out by the Communist cabal!

  7. Listening to him talk, you can tell he has no use for education. You can further tell, that nobody has ever offered to groom him socially.

    However, the most stunning thing about this meeting was the racism and vitriol spewed by the left after the meeting. They may as well have said;


  8. No doubt Kanye was entertaining enough, but can we get a few more plantation escapees that aren’t arrogant, self-aggrandizing douchebags?

  9. @BluesJunky — nice summary. I watched the video last night and it wouldn’t have been nearly as effective without Kanye’s version of (some) of the black experience in Democrat-run cities. That, more than anything — I think — is what is causing the Left to pour on the hate against him. If the general public start making the connection between D-run welfare programs, its hold on black voters and the assured corruption because of them…well, GAME OVER. What wouldn’t they do to prevent that?

    Try taking the 40,000′ view of everything. We’re not just busting up obama’s legacy, we’re laying waste to over 100 years of creeping socialism in this country. Think early 1920’s and onward.

  10. Thing is, Snoop tha D-O Double Jizzle has been one of the biggest Kanye complainers.

    It’s like, mf’er you are singing backup on Katy Perry, baking cookies with Martha Stewart and dressed up like Wink Martindale on a fuqqin Comedy Central game show.

    30 years ago, Tipper Gore and Hillary Clinton were trying to ban YOUR music. And today, you’re their house boy.

    Who’s really the sell-out Uncle Tom?

  11. old-oaks, Kanye’s speech resonates much more with the average black person than those buttoned-down house servants who trash him articulately on TV. Barky knew this, and that’s why he always tried to sound ghetto in front of black audiences. Speaking of Barky, why hasn’t the media gone running to him for comment on Kanye? He did call Kanye a “jackass” once before, so don’t they want him to do it again? Surely that would destroy Kanye…right?

  12. “…we’re laying waste to over 100 years of creeping socialism in this country.” -AbigailAdams

    …but it hasn’t reached both Left Coasts yet. The two sides of the country are completely ensconced in Marxism at every level.

  13. Thirdtwin, I agree, Kanye was also speaking to the average black person. Yes, I’ve know very intelligent black people that could go ghetto in a flash. I can do it myself. While in the UP of Michigan, my tone, inflection and selection of words is totally different than when I’m in Southern Illinois.

    However, had Kanye simply outlined his message and stuck to defining that outline, he would have been more effective. He can later talk to his people.

  14. Kanye West is a black Cool Hand Luke, a runaway slave running free with Media Bloodhounds baying at his heels. Throw the pepper down and keep running Kanye!

    “What we have heah…is a failure to assimilate.”

  15. Thirdtwin- Right? That’s why Hillary kept hot sauce in her purse and she was no ways taaaahrd. Well, except when she was falling down or fainting, but she was no ways taaahrd all the other times!

  16. My niece is friends with him. She worked as a fabric buyer for him for about five years, they ran with the same crowd prior to him recruiting her to work for him.

    She told me: Uncle Dan, you would get along just fine with him. You are pretty much polar opposites politically (this was ten years ago), but he isn’t one of those wild-eyed, bat-shit crazy screeching lunatic leftists who having an intelligent conversation with is impossible. He wants to know what other people think even if he disagrees with them. You would like him.

    I don’t know, never met the man. I do know that the left is really shitting in their own mess-kit by dogging him. This is going to make the negative response they got from the Kavanaugh hearings look like a walk in the park.

  17. Mr. west is an expert at triggering a total leftwing meltdown all by himself. He did make some very valid points that are never addressed by the liberal media and their self hating Black anchors. For them to pile on this guy is such a humiliating display kowtowing to their WHITE corporate liberal bosses That EVERY thinking African/American should be calling for their firing.

    They appeared so hubris ridden and arrogant that is was difficult to watch them kick a person who was doing his best to contribute to the debate on how to fix some of the social problems plaguing the Black community. What has Don Lemon done except kiss Mr. Charlie’s butt and get paid well for it.

  18. Same black TV commentators that ignore the media created Black clown al Sharpton. He was approved by Obama and is a criminal and tax dodger. But he is their leftist designated Black spokesman. Even though he speaks like some character out of racist 1930’s movie.

    Trump knew that con-man Sharpton and cheap shot artist from NY and knows to keep his distance. Mr. West knows Trump for years before his election. He has his ear and wants to get some long standing problems solved. Problem is the usual establishment Blacks can’t stand that it is him being listened to and NOT them.

  19. As a Black woman I am amused that in deriding Kanye West as President Trump’s “Token Negro” Don Lemon and his fellow commentators fail to recognize themselves as the typical “House Negro,” demanding that all Black people embrace slavery and stay in their place on the Democrat Plantation. How dare Kanye West, or any other Black person, unshackle their opinions or reject the false narrative of the “Massa” that has kept them in chains for so many years. You see, the House Negro doesn’t live in a neighborhood where their children risk their lives walking to school every day. The House Negro wasn’t impacted by the 14% unemployment rate for Blacks under President Obama. So they are not impressed that at 6.8% under President Trump Black unemployment is the lowest it has been in history. A strong economy doesn’t matter to them because as millionaires all the “House Negroes” have to do is keep kissing up to the “Massa,” keep slapping down any uppity Blacks who get out of line and “Massa gonna sho nuff take care of them!”

  20. “Kanye West is what happens when Negroes don’t read,”
    Donald Trump is what happens when Liberals believe their own press releases.

  21. There is a misconception, when you hear one black person speaks, he or she speaks for all black people. Black folks on TV speak for themselves only. As for this message, it is the views of me and me alone. I support Donald Trump, not because I am an educated black woman. I support Donald Trump, because he makes sense (period). Every leader should want to make their country great. When we support a team, we cheer on our team to win, right? So if you are the leader of a country, you should want your country to win too. So it is evidence that some people on CNN and MSNBC has a hidden globalist agenda, and that’s why they could never win another election. They are trying to scare us into submission. No Way. We are Americans and we are not afraid to fight for our freedom. GO Trump, We will support and vote for you again and again. AMEN!

  22. Watching the media chimp out is solid gold. These poor little snowflakes can’t tolerate anyone sneaking off the liberal plantation.

  23. @Cleopatra Peter, you said:
    “I support Donald Trump, not because I am an educated black woman. I support Donald Trump, because he makes sense (period). Every leader should want to make their country great. When we support a team, we cheer on our team to win, right? So if you are the leader of a country, you should want your country to win too.”

    You don’t have to answer, but, since like 98% of blacks supported obama, for whatever reason and despite his completely opposite posture as US leader from what you say above, can you imagine why and how I have always hated that fraudulent vandal bastard with every morsel of my being?
    And how any problem that blacks have with me is due to them and the lying media calling me racist instead of acknowledging what a stupid unworthy POS that Barri is.
    I am glad for all of us that Trump is President. I can return to civility and my lifelong community service as soon as obama and clinton and the many other government career criminals are prosecuted. Until then, I’ve stepped out and watch with indiference.

  24. Respect. Regardless of his opinions Mr. West has earned respect. Liberty is the cause that all Americans should hope( see what I did there?) to embrace. Change?


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