Dice: Thin-Skin CNN Cuts Feed

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  1. Enemy of the People indeed.

    I never say “Fake News” because that implies there’s actually news somewhere in it.

  2. lol lol President Trump constantly hammers the fake news crowd and there’s not a thing they can do to counter him (because he’s correct).

    “When will they ever learn, when will they eeeeever learn?”

  3. CNN Sucks! isn’t much of a insult in the Dem world, or is it. ol’ Bernie called the POTUS horrible names last night, and by extension – every one of Trump’s supporters. wow. We’re “racist, sexist, etc blah blah”.
    How does Bernie know this to be true, we ask. ??
    Anyone of the 300 people who were watching CNN to hear the POTUS probably switched to FOX or c-Span.

  4. Major? Garrett was interviewing Parscale and the bias couldn’t be more evident. Garrett wanted to know why the polls got in Trumps craw. BECAUSE THEY’RE FAKE TOO, FOOL.

  5. AOC and concentration camps – as far as I recall, the people invading our borders have a choice of whether or not to do so, and are free to return to wherever they came from – so how is that ANYTHING alike?

  6. I am beyond gladden by CNN and their dumping out of the Trump speech last last. Yo can’t get any more yellower than that.


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