Dick Durbin steps on Bill Clinton’s D…urbin

In an effort to slam nominee Kavanaugh with the ridiculous claim that in high school he sexually assaulted a girl at a party, Dick Durbin wrote this asinine tweet—

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Let’s examine Durbin’s words for a second, because they are truly idiotic.

Look at the circular logic in his tweet. He calls anyone speaking about an “alleged” attack a “survivor” of sexual assault. You’re only a survivor if the attack happened, not if it allegedly happened. By calling accusers “survivors” he’s making the accused guilty until proven innocent… unless you’re Bill Clinton. If you’re Kavanaugh you’re responsible for leaving “a survivor” in your wake.

See how it works in Leftistland?

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  1. To me “survivor” implies someone who has come out alive from a situation that should have killed them.

    That’s probably just me being an asshole though.

  2. All progressives are currently survivors under Trump. 2024 campaign slogan, “We survived!” until they lose to Pence. hahaha!

  3. Ole Willie views himself as quite the swordsman. It’s a sure thing that Clinton convinced little Dick that Broaddrick threw herself at him and begged for his attention while he related his tales of sexual prowess to the admiring Durbin.

  4. On another note, Dick, there’s absolutely NOTHING that I MUST respect.
    Get it, Dick? If something wants MY respect, that (whatever it is) MUST EARN it.

    Just as I don’t OWE you any respect just because you’re a lying sack of monkey shit who was able to bamboozle a bunch of Illinois Imbeciles, I don’t OWE any respect to anyone else, either.

    EARN it, Dick – I know that’s an idea with which you’re unfamiliar, but you could look it up.

    And you assholes have gone to the well too many times with that particular lie – remember Roy Moore? Total fucking lie. The only real question is why anyone with any sense would believe anything that oozed out of your pie-hole.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. I hope that someday soon all those women that slick willie raped, molested, etc., and hitlery drug through the mud are avenged by Donald Trump. Wouldn’t that be sweet justice?


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