Did anyone ask 0bama and Joe Biden where that missing $5.3 Billion went?

Obama/Biden Block Investigations Into $5.3 Billion Missing.

In this episode of Common Sense, Rudy Giuliani lays out how Ukraine revealed that 5.3 BILLION in foreign aid was unaccounted for. The Obama/Biden administration blocked any investigation. This episode is the tip of the iceberg, much more to come.

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  1. The entire Obama Administration should be walking a perk walk, but sadly we will never see justice for the damage perpetrated on the American people.

    Unfortunately because he was our first black President (actually he is a mulatto) alot of people think he is above criticism, I think not.

    I thank God everyday that Trump is President, I can’t even imagine what our great country would have looked like, if the Queen Bee had won the election. We would have billion’s more missing without any accountability.

  2. The corruption is ubiquitous. All dems, many republicans and the reason all are so reluctant to investigate.
    If the level of swindling were exposed to the general public we’d hang them all.
    Does anyone believe that people enter politics to benefit their fellow citizens?

  3. XX
    Not necessary as the Clinton’s stole them when they evacuated the premises! The Obama’s, however, may have purloined the plastic ware they used while occupying the house!

  4. It’s in Swiss bank drawers a couple aisles over from where Hugo Chavez’s daughter keeps her $4 billion.


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