Did Connecticut’s governor lie about infant’s death for federal cash?

American Thinker: One of the most challenging things about COVID-19 is unpacking misinformation. From China’s lies about the disease’s origin, contagiousness, and mortality rate, to the confusion arising from the different ways in which different countries attribute (or don’t attribute) deaths to coronavirus, it’s been difficult to know precisely how big a challenge America is facing. But what happens when it’s Americans who are lying about the data?

This story begin on April 1, when Gov. Lamont sent out a tweet explicitly stating that a Connecticut infant died from “complications relating to COVID-19″:

It is with heartbreaking sadness today that we can confirm the first pediatric fatality in Connecticut linked to #COVID19. A 6-week-old newborn from the Hartford area was brought unresponsive to a hospital late last week and could not be revived. (1/3)

By Friday, though, Candace Owens had some very different information to report. Based on conversations with people who had first-hand knowledge, she contended that Governor Lamont had deliberately lied about the infant’s death.

In a video, Owens, a Connecticut native, explained that she first realized Lamont was lying because of the weasel words “linked to” COVID-19. Lamont is facing a serious shortage of funds in his state, making it important for him to receive federal dollars. Owens stated, without giving away details, that the infant died in a tragic accident at home that “had nothing to do with COVID-19.” more

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  1. Wow, never miss a chance to push out some doom porn eh Gov? Especially if you can bank too.

    Owens reported she had seen pictures of Gillam’s bedsheets covered with feces and blood. Naturally she was mercilessly crucified by the media.

    Until the images went public. So I’ll believe her until she’s proven wrong.

  2. They’re all lying. Every single one of them. From top to bottom.

    The CDC wants every death from here on out to be counted as a virus death. This is so the numbers that they pulled out of their asses to formulate their models won’t look so ridiculous.

    Every story will be a made up bullshit story about the ‘danger’ to us all.

    REal stories about people going bust due to their shutdown will be verboten.

    This is a PLANNED catastrophe. Period.

  3. Does it really come as any kind of a surprise that democRATz will stand on a victim’s dead body just to get a political leg up? Even more so when money is involved!

  4. Democrats have tried every dirty trick they could think of to screw over this country, this is merely another one, and they’re loving the shit out of it.

  5. Isn’t that part of a patients medical record and off limits to discuss? It is when it’s convenient for them.

  6. A friend’s daughter who is a nurse at a local hospital told her dad 2 weeks ago that hospitals were reporting every patient that came into the hospital as being positive for COVID-19 and every death as COVID-19. The reason, the more cases and deaths the more federal money the state gets, the state will give the counties/cities and hospitals more of the money.
    I would also guess the more draconian the measures city, county and state governments take probably also will result in more money. The worse they hurt their local economy, the more money that flows to them.

  7. Meanwhile, back in AZ, evidence seems to scream with the volume of a thousand air raid sirens that the fish tank cleanser lady murdered her husband by inducing him to take a far larger dose of poison than she took.

    So whats been the consequence so far? Has she been criticized by anyone? arrested? No, because apparently a homicide that delays the use of THE one medicine that would save us is justifiable

    Jesus, these people really want war. And I dont say that lightly because at least four of my siblings are now “these people”

  8. ..why wouldn’t he? Its the same sort of person who lies about a baby being a baby AT ALL when they want to KILL them.

    …this would just be a clump of cells if there weren’t big, fat, juicy Chinese-borrowed dollars in it for taxpayers to pay back for the rest of what’s shaping up to be their short, brutal lives as perpetual thralls of the State…

  9. What’s so unusual about this? DaNang Dick hails from the great state of “Conn”. Apparently it’s in the water.

  10. CT’s governor, is a five-alarm F***up; if he told me the sky was blue on a sunny day, I’d look THRICE. 😡

  11. How low can they go is going to have an entirely new reference frame going forward. Is is not only Democrats that will be in the exploit this crisis opportunity, establishment Republicans will be right in there giving them a run for the money. Trump needs to call every case of this out and damage the progressive brand with ruthless efficiency. Two can play that game. If the opportunity presents, take advantage of the opportunity and destroy the bastards.

  12. Geogg. Yes it is connected to PP. FOLLOW Gates, look at his ancestry, his population decimating history and the patents for immunizations and chipping us victims or sheeple.



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