Did he say Führer? lol

HT/ C. Steven Tucker

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  1. Actually, we have more democracies than we did fifteen years ago. And Beijing Biteme is trying his hardest to add the United States of America to that growing list.

  2. Fake outrage from a fake president run by a faker administration covered by a fake media supported by fake voters.

    Too bad it’s the opposite of a fairy tale.

  3. He’s complaining about latest ice cones delivery to the White House. He was expecting more, not “fuhrer”.
    Let’s go “fuhrer” Brandon.

  4. Instead of Seig Hiel, Sieg Hiel in Der Fuhrer’s face like in the Spike Jones song we should all sing loudly and proudly LET’S GO BRANDON to joey’s face with very loud and obnoxious farts blown in his general direction as a sign of our disapproval of this fake presidunce.

  5. Old crazy joe is both sad and angry about losing democracies but extremely excited about ruining this Republic!

  6. If there are fewer – and looking at a lot of ‘western’ countries it certainly appears so – it is because of the UN, American Democrat Commies, and people like Soros, Gates, Zuck. So what are you complaining about Joe???

  7. The world’s body politic hasn’t improved since Reagan.

    And, yeah, was that really Joe or his body double? The scowl on that one would drive away Obama’s flies.

  8. “The scowl on that one would drive away Obama’s flies.”

    I know that’s right General. Beyond cranky. Somebody better bring that man a child immediately.

  9. Another paid actor.

    I think it makes him mad because he must know, on some level, that he’s not worth listening to. C’on, man, his biggest campaign crowds were all the people who got off the bus with him.

  10. Cho Bai Din’s Otto Biography – Mein (Guberment) Comp. He gets everything for free by suckling on his masters’ teats.

  11. Well thank God we are a representative REPUBLIC and not a Democracy
    …..at least for now.
    Let’s go Brandon and Buck Joe Fiden!

  12. That evil clump of smegma is demon possessed. It’s the only thing keeping him able to still read and kind of speak.


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