Did Johnson and Johnson baby powder cause cancer?


In court, J&J lawyers have told jurors that company records showing that asbestos was detected in its talc referred to talc intended for industrial use. Other records, they have argued, referred to non-asbestos forms of the same minerals that their experts say are harmless. J&J has also argued that some tests picked up “background” asbestos – stray fibers that could have contaminated samples after floating into a mill or lab from a vehicle clutch or fraying insulation.

The company has made some of the same arguments about lab tests conducted by experts hired by plaintiffs. One of those labs found asbestos in Shower to Shower talc from the 1990s, according to an Aug. 11, 2017, court report. Another lab found asbestos in more than half of multiple samples of Baby Powder from past decades – in bottles from plaintiffs’ cupboards and acquired from eBay, and even a 1978 bottle held in J&J’s corporate museum. The concentrations were great enough that users “would have, more likely than not, been exposed,” the plaintiffs’ lab report presented in several cases this year concluded.

Matthew Sanchez, a geologist with consultants RJ Lee Group Inc and a frequent expert witness for J&J, dismissed those findings in testimony in the St. Louis trial: “I have not found asbestos in any of the current or modern, what I consider modern, Johnson & Johnson talc products,” Sanchez told the jury.

Sanchez did not return calls seeking comment. RJ Lee said it does not comment on the work it does for clients.

Since 2003, talc in Baby Powder sold in the United States has come from China through supplier Imerys Talc America, a unit of Paris-based Imerys SA and a co-defendant in most of the talc litigation. Imerys and J&J said the Chinese talc is safe. An Imerys spokesman said the company’s tests “consistently show no asbestos. Talc’s safe use has been confirmed by multiple regulatory and scientific bodies.”


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  1. I seriously doubt that users have been exposed to asbestos. If you are using a dry powder that would be one air borne, then you should see frequent occurrence of a rare tumor call mesothelomia. That is the hallmark of asbestos exposure. The cancer in women in the ovaries and other areas don’t seem reasonable. But the lawyers have shown why our products are expensive as they can convince low intelligent juries of anything.

  2. I don’t know if this is a factor in the J&J talc/asbestos testing, but I have noticed over many years now that our analytical equipment has steadily become more sensitive, to the point where in some situations a handful of molecules are detectable. In the past, state of the art analyses have shown complete absence of materials that when tested with today’s gear show a small – tiny – amount of the target present.

    Finding liability for past exposure to hazardous substances that were not detectable with then current methods is wrong.

  3. “…Imerys and J&J said the Chinese talc is safe. An Imerys spokesman said the company’s tests “consistently show no asbestos.”

    And I’m sure a google search would confirm that.

  4. Ask any woman if they believe that baby powder caused ovarian cancer in women. Then ask them how it got there.
    Trust me, women everywhere are wondering who put baby powder ‘up there’.

  5. Ovarian cancer and talc. Yep, trial lawyers.

    Then again, we have news reports of ex terrestrial influence of human DNA.

    I’m sure it’s all true. Just like thinking you’re a girl when you have a dick in your panties don’t signify. Right.

    Am I the only one left sane on the whole fuckin’ planet? Please tell ne no.

  6. Yes Lowell. You are the only sane one left. The rest of us bark at the moon until supper time, when we harvest a relative for the stewpot.

    Say. Who would you consider yourself to be lean and sinewy or more fatty and well marbled?

    Asking for a hungry family member.

  7. Ovarian cancer in adult women? Then what about the thousands/millions of babies this powder has been used on? Silence?

  8. My Mom used to use DDT to cure my diaper rash. I survived
    Just remembered, duh!
    I shoulda sued her but I was only eleven months old and I didn’t have a lawyer.

  9. If I recall correctly, the claim is that the baby powder we used to cover all kids crotches with, is the culprit. As boys (that are born boys 😀), do not have mucous membranes exposed, it did not affect them. It’s not that grown women are inserting talc into their vaginas. Athough, I have known women that did use powder on their downtown region to absorb moisture.
    I do not, knowingly, ever put anything in, or on, my body that’s from China. No way, fung shui!

  10. One other thing. Your house. It has dry wall. Which is talc between two layers of paper.

    Quite likely the most prolific building material in the north american land mass.

    Behind that is likely glass fiber insulation. Which under microscopic examination is exactly the same as asbestos. Can you say, mesothelioma? Yes? Expect the onslaught of trial lawyers any time now.

  11. Lowell –

    Fiberglass is different from asbestos in one important way. Asbestos fibers have microscopic ‘hooks’ which prevents expelling by the body. Fiberglass fibers are smooth.

    And drywall is made of gypsum, not talc. Both very soft but not the same.

  12. No it doesn’t cause cancer and neither does Round Up. I’ve had Round Up splash on my feet, my face, my hands then ate a sandwich in the fields. And been using it since 1980. Im here and healthy.

  13. “You don’t understand…I’ve got proof…I’ve seen it…there’s no talc…you’ve got to tell people…it’s babies. Johnson Baby Powder is made from BABIES!”

  14. I never stopped and almost daily enjoy my 1950s Palmolive men’s talc as well as some 1960 vintage Old Spice talk, thank ye verra much.

  15. News Flash: no matter what you ingest, breath or absorb … or not … you will die

    …. FACT!

    (how about joining my class-action suit against everything?)


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