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Did McAfee Have A Dead Man Switch?

Newsweek had picked up on the rumor that John McAfee had arranged a “dead man switch” that would release a vast archive of data on government corruption upon his demise. More

There are those who cast doubt on the claim. Here and Here. Other’s say there’s something weird going on with an electronic wallet named “Epstein.” Here

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  1. One can bury just so many dead bodies in the backyard and not have the neighbors dog digging in the yard.

  2. I hope he knew Jesus. He knew probably a LOT the NWO didn’t want leaked. They went after him hard and finally got him. There has probably no one else in history who has run from so many bad actors for so long without getting caught. He makes western outlaws look like amateurs. Jesse James – pfft!

  3. Interesting guy. A couple days before he was murdered his wife predicted it would happen. I use to follow him and then he dropped off the face of the earth. He claims he had one. Even two years ago.

  4. I damn sure hope he has one! And now that he’s dead they can’t hurt him anymore.

  5. I’ve read a handful of pieces about this and they’re somewhat contradictory in places and somewhat over my head when it comes to the intricacies of crypto/blockchain stuff (I really should learn about that!).

    At the moment, all I can say about a McAfee dead man switch releasing, what’s the number?, 31 terabytes of stuff that incriminates TPTB, is I SURE AS HELL HOPE THAT IT’S TRUE!!!11!

  6. Uncle Al ʘ

    Yea, I’m in the same boat as you but I’m under the impression the IRS has no way of tracking sale of and income gained,

  7. But released how, to whom?

    Assuming there is one.

  8. How many hundreds of times do you hear about a “dead man switch” and it never happens.

    I wish so, but doubt it.

    Push out a “Live Switch” if you have one and the media will wait outside your cell to get the story.
    Sing like a 200 pound canary if the end result is Offing Yourself OR Arkancide.

    Snowden & Assange are making life miserable for some of the assholery.

  9. If you use USD to purchase crypto on any exchanges (Coinbase, Gemini, Binance, Kraken), you can be assured the govt knows of your crypto investments.
    Same as capital gains/loss….until you divest (to USD) they can’t get their filthy paws on gains nor can you write off any losses.
    However, it’s the same principle as obamacare mandate. There’s no legislation whereby US govt is entitled to tax earnings, they’re counting on you to “be honest” when filing returns and they’ll threaten you via a form letter. They’re counting on you to blink first/fold to Uncle Sam.

  10. The same rumor was circulating back when Assange was jailed, nothing ever came of it.

  11. saw that someone on 4chan? had a a lot of info on a thread reader on Gab. It was very, very interesting.

  12. For fun I sorted all pirate bay torrents by size, looking for the mentioned 31TB file in a post that said it’s on PB, and there’s nothing close to 31TB, there’s nothing close to even 1TB in size. If there’s ever a link posted to it, sure as shit I’ll be downloading it.

  13. We’ll see, won’t we?

    Snowden has shown the way – the way to be a surivor, anyway. Poor Assange: he played it too close to the edge without first protecting himself, namely by getting to a country where he could not be extradited from.

  14. To the never learning mouth breathers of IOTW: There is no Deadman Switch. If there was they destroyed it before killing him. And if he actually wasn’t bluffing and there was… there is literally no one in American law enforcement state or federal that is going to do anything about it. PERIOD. He could have verified footage of Obamas, Clinton’s and Bidens raping children, then child sarafice then eating them and NO ONE would do anything about it. NO ONE. When are u going to quit feverishly fingering yourselves over conserv revenge porn and realize they run everything now, everything.

  15. No matter how hard you try you will never be a woman, Larry.

  16. @F U All & E S & D

    You seem a bit tense and angry.
    How about a nice Hot Bath and don’t forget the Extension Cord & Toaster.

  17. “…incriminating data will be released to the press”
    Where it will vanish faster than spit in the Sahara.

  18. It’s not for the press. It’s to get the people on the alleged list to start throwing each other under the bus. It only takes a ‘karen’ or two to start a morally woke panic rolling. Let’s hope it’s real so we can enjoy. LOL

  19. to address the statements by @FUA & ES & D
    can’t really disagree w/ anything it said … except the uncalled for opening

    just ask Seth Rich’s parents …. oh wait, they’ve been bought & muzzled

  20. I have no doubt McAfee had a “dead man switch”. I also have no doubt the FBI
    managed to figure out the details of said arrangement and nullify it….
    Epstein ALSO had such an arrangement….which was effectively short circuited
    by the “deep state” and it’s control over our intelligence agencies…who now ignore America’s enemies and concetrate on American citizens.

  21. FUA&ESAD, Fred? Is that you? I bet not. This guy is plain out of it. You need to come back, we may bump heads but that’s not all bad.

  22. Nope; been teased too many times by stuff like this that ends up designated as urban legend.
    Show us the evidence or STFU.

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