Did Obama give a tell about Flynn investigation in his last press conference?

American Thinker:
By Monte Kuligowski

In her excellent AT piece on the FBI’s recently released debriefing notes on the infamous January 5, 2017 White House meeting, Andrea Widburg begins by noting that the breaking story is so big that both the New York Times and Washington Post promptly ignored it.

Suppression of that sort appears to be a reliable gauge on how damaging the news is for privileged actors in the Democrat Party.  Normally, the NYT will respond with immediate damage control buried somewhere under page one, spinning the news to create the narrative for other news outlets.

But in this instance, the spin cycle is a little more challenging.  This requires some real effort and creativity.

Andrea gave the partisan media their angle for the bombshell of President Obama directing the FBI to ensure that it puts “the right people” on the Flynn persecution: “The phrase ‘the right people’ also raises the possibility that Obama was not merely ensuring that a delicate project got proper staffing. Instead, it suggests he was making sure a conspiracy stayed within a small group of trusted Deep State operatives.”

The narrative for the establishment media has to be that Obama was referring to having the right people in the sense of having true professionals to ensure that everything was done by the book for such a sensitive matter.  Mr. Obama didn’t want to come across as being political, let alone directly engaged in a criminal enterprise against the president-elect.

6 Comments on Did Obama give a tell about Flynn investigation in his last press conference?

  1. Obama could pull off his face mask and be a giant cockroach – it won’t change a thing. Sessions fucked us, and Barr fucked us more.

  2. I have it on good authority that Misster Obama has not had a visit from the Fat Lady yet.

  3. I noticed that all the players never displayed the apprehension and reluctance to press charges when it was Richard Nixon who ran afoul of the rules.
    “Obama was the first black president” and the concern of widespread revolt among his voters is sited for the consternation.
    Bullshit! he was and remains a subversive criminal and should face the same consequences as anyone else.
    Despite the political class being terrified to touch this hot potato the voters aren’t blind to the injustice.

  4. They think they can cheat their way into the Whitehouse. If they get that far, and lose the election, there will be all kinds of nefarious actions, maybe even suitcase nukes. These people are evil. Let the conflagration start now. Arrest the MF. Loose the hounds! Hang the traitors!


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