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Did Obama Use The Oval Office To Hide Drug Cartel Activity?

Border Hawk:

On June 15, 2012, the National Drug Intelligence Center (NDIC) officially closed its facility in Johnstown, Pennsylvania; also on that date, their official website began offering the following message: “This website is no longer maintained and may contain dated information.”

In 1990, President George H.W. Bush announced plans to create the NDIC in order to “consolidate and coordinate all relevant drug intelligence information gathered by law enforcement agencies and analyze it to produce a more complete picture of drug trafficking organizations.”

“The mission of NDIC is to provide strategic drug-related intelligence, document and media exploitation support, and training assistance to the drug control, public health, law enforcement, and intelligence communities of the United States in order to reduce the adverse effects of drug trafficking, drug abuse, and other drug-related criminal activity,” the website once stated. more

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  1. How do you think Obumbles & The Mooch got so rich while he tried to run our country into the ground for 8 years?

  2. The evil that this non-eligible, fraudulent President did is incalculable. It lasted longer than his 8 years in office.
    The animosity between blacks and whites were escalated 100-fold during his regime, and continues to this day. His hatred for patriotic Americans continues to this day.
    So glad that I am still a “bitter clinger.”

  3. Four faces (and stories about) people I’d like to see just go away, already: Hillary Rodham-Clinton, Barry Soetoro (with his 3, count ’em 3, SSNs and phony-as-hell BC), Barry’s beard, Mike, and Joe, Dementia Addled, Biden. And a fifth: Anthony, Psycho Puppy Killer, Fauci.

  4. Why do you think the southern border is wide open? Does anyone really think the democrats give one half of a rat’s ass about immigrants? It’s so the cartels can move as much “product” across the border as possible.


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