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Stabbing: A new art form

red paint

One woman stabbed another during a fight at world-famous Art Basel Miami Beach, causing at least one patron to think he was watching performance art. 

NSFW- Bloody photo included.

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  1. Repukean performance art

    Here’s a little something for “Melt the Lines Monday”

    “” The complex bill is a gift to donors and businesses because it would allow them to reduce wages offered in advertised jobs, thus deterring American applicants and then justifying their requests for H-2B visa workers. It also provides a huge loophole that technically keeps the current annual cap of 66,000 H-2B workers — but excludes from the cap any H-2B workers who got an H-2B visa in the prior three years. That clever loophole would allow employers to simultaneously hire up to four years of H-2B workers, or 264,000 foreign workers.

    “This bill reads like it was written by landscaping industry… it’s a wish list of everything they could possibly want,” said Ed Tuddenham, a lawyer in New York. “The steel industry doesn’t get low-wage labor to compete with foreign steelmakers,” he scoffed.

    The bill is being pushed by the H-2B Workforce Coalition, which includes hotel owners, golf courses, landscaping companies, realtors, the National Federation of Independent Business, building contractors, roofing companies, the racetrack association and many other groups. “Failure to enact a returning worker exemption will decimate seasonal businesses across the country,” the group claimed in a May letter, which also includes a 20-page list of companies looking to hire foreign workers instead of American workers.

    The group declined to comment for this article.

    In the House, the bill has been championed by Ohio Rep. Steve Chabot, chairman of the Small Business Committee, Virginia Rep. Bob Goodlatte, chairman of the House Judiciary Committee, Maryland Rep. Andy Harris (R-MD) and Louisiana Rep. Charles W. Boustany. Their offices did not respond to multiple emails. “”

  2. Well, I must say I’ve never, ever, heard of the “world famous” Art Basel, and now that I have, I just don’t care!
    Sounds like the kind of place that anyone who would choose to go there deserves to be stabbed. At least!

  3. What?!? Of COURSE a patron thought it was performance art… Violence and such just doesn’t OCCUR at such a high-brow venue, don’t’cha know?

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