Did Sherrod Brown beat his ex-wife?

Pacific Pundit: Is Sherrod Brown a wife beater? According to divorce filing in the 1980’s from his ex-wife Larke Recchie, he is. She filed for divorce on the grounds of gross neglect of duty and extreme cruelty. In 1989, a judge granted a seven-count restraining order against Ohio Democrat Sherrod Brown. Recchie accused Brown of violating the order and said he “pushed me up against the wall with his arms in order to pass and entered the house.” Brown for his part his denied all allegations of abuse.


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  1. oh for heaven’s sake, everybody had a lousy divorce 27 years ago with charges that may or may not be true.

    Couldn’t they find anything against Brown in high school?
    Didn’t he bully somebody in 4th grade?

    Sheesh! Let’s all play democrat games.

  2. If the Dem’s are still lamenting that they should have gone easy on Al Franken, they are not going to give a rat’s ass about this. #MeToo is about taking out Republicans and those that betray the Left, although this doesn’t always apply to those in media jobs or Hollywood, where they eat their own.(Kobe gets a BLM pass.)

  3. This one time, in 1972. I stole 3 candies from my grandmother’s candy bowl, after my mom said, no more candy.

    At the time, I was all like, what do those bitches know. I cab still eat dinner!

    So, what liberal award did I win, considering my confession and all?

  4. He is a dirty (wife beating) crook. Bought my old neighbors house on Lake Erie. Pulled some crap with the auditor to have value jacked up. Sold house to unsuspecting buyer. New buyer found out a couple years later he got snookered.

    Did i mention he didn’t actually live there? Used it for an address for election.

    There are so many dirty crooks around this guy it amazing. North Eastern (central) Ohio is nothing but dirty dems. Lorain county…look it up.

    I sat across the desk from a UAW representative at the local 2000 building in Sheffield Ohio, while he made a phone call to Sherrods office. (Did you know they have a special number to call?) The rep told the rep from Sherrod’s office word for word what they wanted written in a letter about a local company. The next day, signed, sealed and delivered to the local comapany and all the employees. Was less than 12 hours. Was not an important pressing issue. They thought, this should scare them, made the call, and presto. You try calling his office. You are not guaranteeing him thousands of votes. These guys bragged how close the UAW and Sherrod are. Some screwed up stories that are hard to believe

    I really wish some internet sleuths, and or investigative reporters would look into this guys past. There are SO MANY thing, and people connected to this guy Hillary would blush. But this is North Eastern Ohio, run by the dummycrates forever. Everyone is affraid to touch him.

    Still thinking about an anonymous letter naming some names, and such. MJA or Fur would obviously have to edit it for me. Man i wish everyone knew just how fu#king dirty this guy is.

  5. ShakeNbake, I’m in that general vicinity (NCO) and I’ve always just assumed that Sherrod is dirty because that’s the general impression I get every time he opens his mouth. Unfortunately, that and $5 will get you a cup of shitty Starbucks coffee lol. But with the “connections” around Cleveland/Lorain, a Dem with his nose up the UAW’s ass is gonna be protected. Only the ones dumb enough to get caught in local government ever suffer any consequences.

  6. Before you take up a life of crime, like robbing banks, selling drugs, the best thing you can do for yourself is get elected to office as a Democrat.
    Pretty much a Get Out of Jail Free pass.


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