Did Space X Footage Capture a UFO?

All Too Much sent this in with the question, “what the hell is it?”

I have my theory.

The trajectory suggests that this may not be something flying in space. It could be Earth in the background and these are city lights.

Or it can be a friggin UFO.

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  1. There is a meme going around that shows a beautiful HD image of the Mars landscape, next to a grainy ‘security camera footage’ of an unrecognizable face. I think this falls into that second group.

  2. Every single time Secureteam posts up a video, it’s just as sad an effort as the last one.

    I wish the poor phuckers could latch on something real, but they remain, sad, sad, wishful thinkers.

  3. What you saw was not a UFO. Swamp gas from a weather balloon was trapped in a thermal pocket and reflacted the light from Venus.

  4. From Jimmy: ” reflacted ”

    I like that, not sure what it means, maybe something to do with that Duck sells insurance on TV, but it’s a good word.

  5. i’m with Brad. Someone left the blinker on in musks tesla.

    How come every alien “abductee” comes back with stories of getting prodded in *ahem* your anus? I dont think they’re gonna be friendly.

  6. @Lowell – Will Smith used that word in MIB II, although the quote I cited came from the first movie. Another line from MIB I that I liked, “No Ma’m, we at the FBI do not have a sense of humor that we’re aware of.” – certainly relevant today.

  7. Well, let’s see what we know about it:

    (1.) It’s an object.
    (2.) It’s flying.
    And (3.) It’s unidentified.

    So yep – definitely a UFO.


  8. OK I know what that is. It’s another satellite passing by. Somebody’s going to be agitated and severely pissed right about now that SpaceX got too close to it.

  9. Lowell, I replaced “refracted” with “reflacted” in the MIB I quote. Listen to MIB II carefully for Will Smith’s pronunciation… he clearly uses the ‘l.’ Either that, or I’m suddenly hearing Japanese.

  10. Jimmy- the camera was on the real UFO, the one we are being distracted from asking about. Please stop asking about it.

  11. Blue Toof

    Not too early a all. Hawking got away with saying some very silly things in his last few years of life. When he started that, I used to make jokes about him trying to swallow oysters. I predicted they would all end up on his chin or shirt.

  12. I’ll bet aliens have a sense of humor as it is a sure sign of intelligence….

    Let’s float a blob behind their latest attempt to be “in space” … oh! Let’s make it look like a cross between a turd and a giant Hershey’s kiss with some crappy lights on it. Then Zerg can blow his breakfast through all of his noses when he sees it reported on the interactive tablets they love so much.


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