Did the Amish do things right?

The Amish refused to lockdown for coronavirus, and thrived.

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  1. Of course they did. The main reason? No fucking 24/7 TV fear porn.

    And at the end of society, another never mentioned group also did pretty good. The homeless.

  2. Two things we know for sure:
    Being outdoors and in the sunlight are beneficial – in fact we know that from the Spanish Flu. Numbers spike when people spend more time in closed quarters, which is why they go up during very hot and very cold periods. Vitamin D deficiency is also a huge factor in resisting the virus.
    Also, Amish tend not to mix as much socially.
    Three things! Three things we know for sure!

  3. Earlier I was going to comment something like, “What have the Amish ever done wrong?” but then I thought I’d better wait since I don’t really know THAT much about the Amish. (Which I’ll wager is one of their objectives: leave us alone / go away! Not a bad way to live – except someone has to pay the bloody property taxes to run their Communist State…)

  4. Maybe the Amish have cult characteristics, but if they don’t actively proselytize and recruit, then let them practice their beliefs. And in the case of covid, their beliefs seem to be effective.

    Frankly, I don’t pay close attention to their lifestyle.


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