Did You Pack The Jar Of Testicles?

David Thompson:

Would a future women-only space colony have to live with that same fear? Would the very idea of a self-sufficient community of women so infuriate and threaten men that they would take it as a challenge to seek out and invade any feminist planet? And what about the frozen sperm?

I’m sorry. I’m reading the Guardian. Perhaps things will settle down.

If our future colony is reliant on what it can transport from Earth, stocks will eventually run out unless they can be replenished, which means giving birth to at least a few male children. Whether, in a matriarchal society without examples of male aggression, those boys would grow up to be the kind of man who grabs a peaceful protester by the back of her neck remains one of the great unknowns.

Or not. Never mind.

Readers may be tickled by the conceit that men would be infuriated and threatened by the departure from Earth of the planet’s feminists. And not, say, delighted. In fact, given recent trends, it seems more likely that feminists would be the ones determined to sabotage and eliminate any all-male spaces, while exempting themselves from comparable restrictions.  keep reading

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  1. I used to be a prolific reader of science fiction. I recall one titled “Virgin Planet” but those women had figured out how to split their eggs and clone themselves. I don’t recall feeling threatened by the concept.

  2. Jaws Balls 2019 – The Awakening
    staring that Smollett thingy
    I apologize in advance..
    for giving them a title to work with..

  3. To all you FemiNazis who want to go Out There and make an all female, self sufficient (an oxymoron if there ever was one) space colony, all I want to say to a’y’all is……… “Well…….bye”.
    Sorry if that runs contrary to your fevered imaginations of being dominated by a MAN (fighting against the patriarchy). But a real man knows when to work towards worthwhile goal, and not waste his time, energy, and resources.

  4. You put two women together and you may have a team. A serious team. You put three women together and you will have two teams. The math gets fucked up from there.

  5. A society contrived of only one sex cannot sustain itself.

    The inability to reproduce aside, after a certain period of time it is in the nature of both men and women to seek the company/presence of the opposite sex.

    Long bouts of time with the same sex will not result in a homosexual utopia, only a small percentage to begin with will succumb to it in in the first place, and secondly, they’ll drive each other crazy because they understand each other TOO well, they are TOO similar.

    Opposites attract, for sexual, companionship, or just basic interactive purposes, men and women need one another to survive as a society and a species.

    End of story.

  6. No.
    You may NOT have any male children to warp and enslave.
    If there is a way to determine the sex of an embryo, you may take female embryos.
    If you want an all female space colony, you leave with no males.
    You will not seek redress for past perceived grievances on the backs of male children in your Space Colony

  7. Allow me to write that I never meant it in a carnal way. I hereby leave the carnal to others other than me.

    Two women may be a team. Three women probably will become two teams. Even in the society of sisters there is catty catishness that defies all logic.

  8. I’ve seem male aggression, and I’ve seen female aggression. And, the only difference I see is that a man is more likely to have a logical reason for it and knows when he’s gone too far. Whereas women are vicious for utterly pointless reasons and escalate it until it’s completely out of hand. And men are also more likely to take responsibility for the damage their aggression causes whereas a woman will try to find a scapegoat every time. Most child abuse is at the hands of women.

  9. Anyone who thinks a women-only space colony is a good idea has obviously never worked in an office with 3 or more women. it won’t end well.

  10. God meant for man and women to complement each other. Not just in intimate relationships, but friendships and working relationships. Women need men in our lives. Some of my best friends have been men, but I don’t need to intrude on their space and companionship with each other. Neither would I want all female anything all the time. What a horrid existence it would be to live with just females.

    chuffed-beyond-words is right. We know each other too well.

  11. I am no physicist, but there is nothing in the great scheme of things that is one dimensional.
    There can be no light without dark, no hot without cold, no fast without slow, no left without right, no female without male.

    It the femi-nazis want to prove otherwise……have at it.

  12. The very fact that any woman wants to be part of that team is the evidence of the self destruction of what would happen.
    Won’t work, but have at it and be sure to take some extra TP.

  13. So long, feminazis! Have fun on whatever planet will have ya’… cos’ THIS one, is tired of your shiite! 😳

  14. As a woman, I find the idea of an all-woman society repugnant. Particularly one run by feminazis. I love men as most normal women do. These idiots, like the author of the Guardian piece, are miserable human beings. If they ever achieved their matriarchy, they would find someone else to blame for all their ills.

  15. I’m volunteering to go along on standby encase, and I’m just guessing here, a few dozen or more change their minds.

  16. “It’s queer how out of touch women are. They live in a world of their own, and there had never been anything like it, and never can be. It is too beautiful altogether, and if they were to set it up it would go to pieces before the first sunset. Some confounded fact we men have been living contentedly with ever since the day of creation would start up and knock the whole thing over.”


    No worries.

    izlamo delenda est …


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