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  1. Looks like the only way that holster works is to wear your little brother’s pants. What happens when you try to sit down?

  2. Also, AA. While I appreciate the tight fitting shirt in one way, she’ll print like crazy. Needs a looser shirt or a different setup.

    One thing I realized a very long time ago – If a woman takes no measures to secure her own safety – I’m not interested. There are sharks everywhere and I can’t be by your side every second of the day.

    Of course, sometimes, you may come home early from a trip at 3:30 in the morning and, while trying to be quiet as you bring everything in, a loaded 9 shot .22 pistol in your shaking wife’s hands could greet you.

    The 70s. Great time, but harder to communicate back then.

  3. If the belly band works and if it’s comfortable for you, do it.

    What works best for me is a shoulder holster or a high ride belt holster on my hip. Have both for my 1911s and my revolvers.

    The inside the belt holsters don’t work for me, it appears all my pants have shrunk around the waist.

  4. Went to Sheriff’s office for CCP. HALF those waiting were women and they were all in the Renewal line. There was absolutely nothing that would indicate those ladies were likely to be CCP holders. Nothing. Young, old, fat, skinny, chatty, quiet. They all seemed happy and confident.

  5. Careful you’ll shoot yourself in the dick…..oh it’s a girl…..never mind.
    I have always liked the shoulder holster

  6. The most comfortable carry place for me is my front jeans pocket, however, womens’ jeans pockets are so dang shallow, I have to extend the length of the pocket.

    Cato, I hear you about the waistband. 🙂

  7. Wait, didn’t she get the memo? She can’t do that, she’s supposed to be wearing a dress….

    I love my scrubs. I may look like a sack of taters but you can’t print me on my ankle, or my belly and I’m carrying a Shield.

  8. Appendix carry has really caught on. It is super fast. Appendix rigs are normally a holster that attached with a clip on it so you can remove it when you sit down. I’m sure this woman probably pulls her pistol out of the band when she sits down. The ideal use for appendix would be if you were out shopping or something. I’m to busy to carry appendix. That shirt won’t print by the way. And printing is not illegal.


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