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Different Approach To Reduce Murder Rate In St. Louis

Associated Press in The Sun Sentinel

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson is sending highway patrol troopers and other state workers to St. Louis as part of an effort to fight the surge of violent crime that has included the killings of more than a dozen children in the region so far this year.

The Republican governor on Thursday announced an action plan that takes effect Oct. 1. Parson said the total cost of the state’s commitment, including the 25 state employees who will work in the St. Louis region, is up to $4 million.

“This is about targeting violent criminals and getting them off the street,” Parson said at a news conference in St. Louis. More

St. Louis Business Journal

Hours after a violent night in St. Louis, in which four people were killed, the city is a step closer to bringing in an international organization to try to help crackdown on violent crime.

A final vote could occur in a few weeks on an $8 million proposal to start a Cure Violence program in the city of St. Louis. On Tuesday, the public safety committee unanimously passed it out of committee, a step toward that final vote.

City Hall was packed Tuesday morning as Cure Violence leaders explained how they could help St. Louis curb violence.

“There’s no amount of money we can put on saving a life,” said Marcus McAllister, who is an international trainer for Cure Violence. More

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  1. Why don’t they just plant some trees and spruce up the neighborhood’s? I heard that’s the new solution.

    They did that already. Around the Shaw neighborhood. They put in huge planters to block off many of the streets. The idea was to make it harder for criminals to speed out of the area and escape on the interstate. It was a partial success.- Dr. Tar

  2. Back when Arnold was governor (back when the plutocrats in Sacramento actually cared about crime) they did something similar here in the Bay Area, it was called Operation Safe Streets. The Highway Patrol along with local PD’s would target high crime areas in Oakland, Richmond, Vallejo and East Palo Alto, dedicated patrol units who stopped basically anything that moved. Expired registration, burned-out taillight, turning without signaling, going a few miles over the speed limit, anything that gave officers probable cause for a stop. Those with a suspended license and those with warrants arrested, Cars searched (pursuant to the legal stop) and cars were impounded that were not registered. Similarly, like Stop and Frisk in NY, those groups loitering on the streets were asked for ID and patted down, getting numerous illegally obtained guns off the street. The local populace loved the extra patrol, they felt safe to actually leave their homes and walk the streets. Crime measurably dropped. Sadly these were just temporary programs, desperately needed now, but it shows that saturation works.

    The tragedy is that the combination of The Ferguson Affect and understaffed police departments is that good honest folks who are stuck living in crime-ridden neighborhoods must fend for themselves.

  3. The real problem lies with the trash that live in N. St. Louis who won’t “ snitch” on the people that commit these crimes. If I was in charge the police would arrive on scene and after the third probable witness says they “didn’t see nuffin” the police would pack up and leave filing the case as an unattended death. As long as these animals are killing each other I see no downside.

  4. @Txn4evr
    “As long as these animals are killing each other I see no downside.”

    The problem is that more than “animals” are getting shot. Just last week some little girl in Chicago was shot and killed by a stray bullet in some turf war. Good people live in those neighborhoods, they should feel safe and protected along with everyone else.

    “That is racial profiling RT”

    No, it’s not, why would you think only black people are getting pulled over?

  5. I agree with larrythelightheadedliberal. People with suspended licenses, burned out tail lights, and outstanding warrants are just as law abiding as white people.

  6. I fully believe in teaching people how to adequately protect themselves, starting with children.
    I know, it’s quite opposite the liberal mind-set of being a pussy for the rest of your life BUT…….I think it is the most fundamental aspect of living.

  7. Did everybody miss this part??????

    “the city is a step closer to bringing in an international organization to try to help crackdown on violent crime”

    Uncle Nelson perhaps?

  8. Doesn’t matter how many warrants they serve, how many people they arrest, if the bad guys bail out a few hours later, nothing changes…

  9. I caught that, Bobcat. Just what is an “International Organization”, and why is it being considered? I heard on the radio today there actually is an International organization of police officers dedicated specifically to combating hispanic gangs. Maybe that’s it.

  10. The answer is one that’s been used successfully for years. When populations in an area become unsustainable and overcrowding effects the health of the entire species it’s time for a culling.
    This can be achieved by wildlife officers or trophy hunters can be employed by issuing special tags.
    You know, it’s crazy enough it just might work!


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