Different Rules for Some

As BFD readers will be aware, while butchers in New Zealand have been forced to shut, some NZ Muslims have complained that halal butchers should be exempt. The complaints have had a sympathetic ear from the Ardern government – notwithstanding at least one Muslim doctor advising his co-religionists to stop complaining and abide by the same rules as everyone else.

Australian states are rapidly moving toward similar lockdowns as New Zealand. While butchers are still allowed to open, strict social isolation rules have been imposed. In most eastern states, citizens are threatened with hefty fines if they leave their homes for any other than permitted activities. Group activities are forbidden and even small groups are strictly required to keep at least 1.5m between people.

Victorian authorities confirmed on Wednesday that the state’s Stage Three guidelines are so strict couples can’t meet up if they don’t already live together.

[Minister for Police Lisa] Neville tweeted on Wednesday: ‘You cannot visit your partner for social reasons’.

But, once again, it seems there’s one set of rules for some of us, quite another for others.

Police allegedly let more than 30 guests celebrate a Melbourne wedding despite strict rules banning ceremonies with more than five people present. MORE

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  1. New zealand is run by idiot women who are donating everyone else’s freedom to islam fascists.

  2. How are moose-lamb-pigs in any way exempt from the law of the land they live in ?
    if they want to live under shitass so called law, they should move to wherever shitass so-called law is promulgated.

  3. Of course they’re different laws for them.
    Even our country allows them to commit immigration fraud, familial marriage, and tax fraud. We even reward them by allowing them to serve in Congress.

  4. ” We even reward them by allowing them to infiltrate Congress.”

    Fixed it for ya.

    Trust NO muslim.


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