Digging: Liz Warren’s False Claim She Was Fired for Being Pregnant

Elizabeth Warren’s False Claim She Was Fired for Being Pregnant | All the Facts

19 Comments on Digging: Liz Warren’s False Claim She Was Fired for Being Pregnant

  1. Even Disney and Verizon wouldn’t do that.

    They’d do a lot of other underhanded shit… but not that.

    They’d (Verizon and Disney) fire you if you were close to retirement age, most of the time.

    But that’s a different story.

  2. visibly pregnant lying

    It’s interesting that she was working as a part time speech pathologist, but wasn’t qualified at the time. She certainly has pathological speech mastered now.

  3. I also taught at a midget school. They didn’t rehire me because I had lost some of my upper-body muscle (I got Old) and could no longer throw midgets, little people, you know, into the Sun.

    These people make me sick. “Aww, I taught the retard and the little negro how to use a spoon!”

    “Where’s your necklace of baby hands, Liz? A shirt made of scalps?”

    And no, I was never a teacher.

  4. @Left Coast Dan October 9, 2019 at 11:44 pm

    You left out the best part.
    They’re not “pennies”, they’re “zero cents”.

  5. Massachusetts can sure pick ‘em.
    Patriots my ass.
    There ain’t many patriots in that state
    Or they would quit inflicting the very worst senators and congressmen on our country.

  6. She is a lying liar who lies. She lies about the timing of her divorce. She married her second husband in 1980, only 6 months after divorcing her first husband, though she claims the divorce took place in 1978. She hooked up with and eventually married her law professor whilst her cuckholded husband footed the bill for her to go to law school. She is a liar and a treacherous slut.

  7. @Anonymous – I wanted you to discover for yourselves! 🙂
    What’s funny is that a friend posted just a pic of the AOC penny and I said the ‘penny’ costs $4.37 each. Turned out I was pretty close!

  8. @Ann, that was back then when she didn’t shower. Looking at her today as grandma, God help her if the wind blows above 35mph, she’s gone!

  9. Poor Liz in a Tiz, walked all this way through the desert only to find the Lizard Queen has consumed all the water…Madame Cyberhack done stole all your thunder Eliarbeth….sit back and watch the Witch of Chappaquah bounce her satanic head hard off the glass ceiling again…


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