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Dilbert Takes on ESG

Not the Bee

Scott Adams’s syndicated comic strip Dilbert has been poking fun at the idiosyncrasies of office culture for 33 years.

But earlier this month, Adams made an announcement on his podcast “Real Coffee with Scott Adams” that he was going to make a hard run at taking on the new corporate ESG ratings. More

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  1. Just before I decided to retire my company had announced a move to a new location. One of the great things about the new office, they said, was that it would be an “open” space (very low cubicle walls, everyone can see everyone else basically). As we were hearing such great things about the new open space concept Dilbert came out with several cartoons that basically took that concept apart. It was almost as if he knew someone working at my company.

  2. The “open space” reminded me of one of our top managers who always liked to talk about his “open door” policy. Got a problem? Come to me, my door is open.
    So one of our guys went in one day, sat down and proceeded to vent (because there was a lot to vent about).
    When he was done, Mr. Open Door asked, “Do you get paid on Friday?”
    “Yes,” said our man.
    “Then you don’t have a problem,” came the reply.

  3. CRT Core:

    1. Racism is bad.
    2. White people are evil.

    ESG Core:

    1. Hiring discrimination on the basis of sex or race is bad.
    2. White males need not apply.

  4. I’ve seen the “offensive” cartoons in question, and they’re fucking hilarious. Which is why they have to be silenced, I guess…

  5. I’ve been reading the Dilbert series on this ESG crap. HILARIOUS!!

    Thank goodness the company I work for hasn’t fallen for this crap…..yet.


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