Dire ‘addio’ a Italia

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Immigrant kids may soon be ‘de facto’ Italians.

Children born to immigrant parents in Italy have to wait until they turn 18 before being eligible for citizenship.

But the new bill, which has now been passed to the Senate, would grant citizenship to babies born to foreign parents in the country if at least one of the parents has a long-term permit to stay.

The move, which was passed by the house on Tuesday with 310 voting in favour, 66 against and 83 abstaining, was hailed by Lower House speaker Laura Boldrini.

“The House today helped bring down a wall, at a time in which walls are sadly becoming popular again,” she was quoted by Ansa as saying.


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  1. Can’t call them “anchor babies” because that offends anchors or something, so what will the eye talions call them? What do you call something you didn’t ask for that you are required to take care of for all eternity?


    Any Italians here got some ideas what to call their new parasites??

  2. Oh my, she was something in her day, huh? I spent my youth waiting for the next showing of Boy on a Dolphin waiting for those pokies on her chest as she came out of the water.

  3. The Italian woman is the pinnacle of Western society’s expression of what a female should be.

    No shit. And pretty much on every front.

    I’ve dated around, fooled with Irish and English girls, canoodled for years with Poles and Norwegians and Germans. Lovely, all.

    But the classically trained Italian gal makes for such a superior spouse and mother that I must run the risk of offending the other gals here at IOTW.

    I didn’t make the rules. I didn’t notice this first.

    But true is true.

  4. That may be but my Scandi wife is #1 over all the others that I met in my stint here on earth, When people ask me if I know how it works after they find out I have 12 kids I tell them “Well we’re batting a 1000”, they usually go cross eyed at that point.

    All working paying, taxes not a single leech among them.

    All home schooled by the way.

  5. Yep, Italian women. Dated a few in younger days, and very motherly with a strong passionate attitude. Glad I didn’t marry one though.

  6. Chief. I concur. I married in 1964. My Italian wife of 51 years .
    She never went shopping with hair curlers and sweat pants

    She’s a great cook and a good mother, but never let’s me forget shit I did from 1964 on.. And never will! I guess she prevented me from becoming a bum. Hee, hee .Che sera, sera.

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