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Dirt Bags Use National Mall as a Dirt Track


Riders can be seen on the street, on a sidewalk and then on the grass near the Washington Monument. Bystanders can be seen watching as the group off-roads onto the grass.

The clip went viral on social media, with many viewers outraged by what they saw.

17 Comments on Dirt Bags Use National Mall as a Dirt Track

  1. Perfect analogy of what Washington is doing to the U.S.A.

  2. A piece of steel conduit shoved into the spokes as they ride by would have done the trick.

  3. I’m sure the Capitol Police will do a thorough investigation, and may or may not prosecute the perpetrators as soon as they find out their political orientation.

  4. Meh. The White House is disgraced with a demented pedophile every day even as the Capitol is a foul, drunken sump of corruption and treason.

    The Democrats shit on our entire nation every day.

    Doing donuts on the national lawn just makes it fit the quality of the tawdry trailer park tramps posing as solons that befoul the rest of it.

  5. They’ve been parading off-road vehicles on city streets for years. This was inevitable, especially on Juneteenth. In DC.

  6. The article says it went viral. Wish there was a link.

  7. Screwing up America and pissing off Americans is what they do best.

  8. @Smarter Than a Circus Dog…

    Just search this: nbc4 dirt bikes on mall

    Then search this: off-road vehicles swarm city streets

    It’s all “local news stories” but it’s everywhere, for a long time and always the usual suspects. That’s why you never hear about it.

  9. Lil Kim unhung says he misses trump too! Every dictator needs his cohort!

  10. Where’s the link? Video or it didn’t happen!

  11. I just can’t get mad about destroying anything in DC. I wish somebody would burn the whole perverted place to the ground.

  12. if it did not stick to their twerking asses, they’d be shitting there

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