Dirtbags Block ICE From Doing Job- Pelted With Rubber Bullets

It’s amazing that these morons think that they are the victims when they obstruct law enforcement from carrying out their lawful duties.

What wires are not touching each other in their heads? Or is it wires touching that shouldn’t be?

For the most part these are losers who care little about immigrants and hate America, acting out in ways that are very similar to when a teenage girl locks herself in her bedroom because she didn’t get her way. This is emotion being played out with whatever cause du jour is available at any particular time.


15 Comments on Dirtbags Block ICE From Doing Job- Pelted With Rubber Bullets

  1. “Record it. Look at what they’re doing!”
    Yeah, getting what you deserve for breaking laws you spoiled little punks.

  2. The nice thing about the protesters linking arms? Taze one, taze them all. Makes police work real easy!

  3. Here’s the Twitter bio on the “Haley” who posted the video (and you should get a load of the other tweets on her feed):

    Lover of punk rock, motorcycles, anti-capitalism, sewing, my dog Vin Scully, social justice, red lipstick, tattoos and Los Angeles. JD Candidate.

  4. What a waste of good rubber… should have used copper and lead! I feel nothing when liberal eat asphalt!

  5. Use real bullets and there won’t be a next time. I grow weary of this leftist anarchy.

  6. She has a marvelous response going on that Twit. Probably not one she likes but a lot of other folks seem delighted!

  7. KOIN in Portland asked Haley if they could use her video. Having said “yes”, they asked her who should be credited. She replied, “Beverly Hills Antifa”. Beverly Hills antifa? Are we being punked?

    Beverly Hills antifa?

  8. AbigailAdams

    I believe Beverly Hills antifa is a parody site on Twitter. The are actually very Anti Antifa.

  9. @ BFH – please correct the headline. RUBBER bullets were not used. They were shooting pepper plastic filled pepper.

    Even the smelly low life making the vid pointed this out.

    This is no different than being hit by a paint ball in impact.

    Please correct, rubber insinuates a solid material. Being hit by a solid rubber projectile, with enough force would put them DOWN in a NY second.

    The smelly lowlife even vids unexploded rounds on the sidewalk.

    Don’t think the Feds use solid rubber…any more.

    Then again not sure they ever did?


  10. High pressurized paint ball guns and paint ball pellets. You think rubber bullets hurt? And the paint ball pellets mark the person for later ID.

    (And if the police use different colors, they can have bragging rights on how many they shot)

  11. Just like that they all laid down. Good doggy, good doggy. LOL! Next time it will be real bullets.


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