Dirty Birds No More

Ornithologist have begun combing through their collections of bird carcasses to measure the levels of soot on the bodies of the their specimens over time.  When compared to 140 years ago, the air in this country has improved tremendously.


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  1. There were places in the region I grew up in 50yrs ago where your eyes burned and the air stunk to high Heaven. Things are way better….I point that out to levi wearing, iphone yackin eco-hipstercrits often.

  2. Dirty Birds over at Audubon – sneaking in a global warming story disguised as an “improving air pollution” story (see the end of the article).

  3. As a boy we would drive the 2 hours north to L.A for Disneyland, and we had a game of who could spot the Matterhorn through the Smog first.
    It was horrible, we’d have red eyes and be coughing but we didn’t care !

  4. Now they will say that despite (your number here) years of EPA regulations we still have pollution and need more regulations. Trump is killing the birds!!

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