Discharged veterans with war-related mental illnesses can sue, judge rules

WaEx: Veterans with mental health issues related to their service will be able to pursue a class-action lawsuit against the military.

A federal court judge in Connecticut ruled Thursday in favor of Navy and Marine Corps veterans who received a less-than-honorable discharge due to incidents related to untreated mental illnesses.

As a result of their discharge status, these veterans were subsequently denied VA benefits to receive healthcare for their war-related mental health issues.

Veterans argue that they might still be serving today if their mental ailments, such as post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injuries, had been treated properly. But without access to medical benefits, the veterans say it was difficult for them to get care for issues that occurred as a result of their service.

Senior U.S. District Judge Charles Haight Jr. ruled veterans could move forward with their lawsuit against Navy Secretary Richard B. Spencer.

“This decision is a victory for the tens of thousands of military veterans suffering from service-connected PTSD and TBI who are denied the support of VA resources because of an unfair discharge status,” said Tyson Manker, a Marine Corps veteran and lead plaintiff in the case, in a statement.

Manker says he was dishonorably discharged due to his one-time use of an illegal drug.  more

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  1. which causes the question whether or not these people could function in any modern society, let alone the rigors of military discipline?

    which extrapolated to the question of the interference of politically-motivated entities that do not have the best interests of US military pre-eminence, but would rather weaken it through court action

    either way, the ‘weeding out’ process is severely flawed

  2. I hate to say this but there are a lot of people who file PTSD claims that never saw one iota of combat. Some never even deployed. I know a guy who was in the Navy as a mechanic. He bragged how he was all set up before he even got discharged.

  3. And rightly so. we have no fucking business sending Americans to any other border but our own, to get killed . Fuck these shitgafistans, France and Europe and the whole fucking lot of them. We have lost lost enough already. MAGA.

  4. This will come off all wrong. And right now I’ll tell you I never served. Never even been shot at. But my father flew three tour in WWII. He had “Battle Fatigue” like no other. Some rough times at night when we were young. Yet he got up every day and provided for his family. If you want to call it Post Traumatic Distress Order now, that’s fine. And I do believe some of these Vets have seen some disturbing shit. What about our Viet Nam vets that went through the same horrific shit, and then spit on when they came home? I have no room to judge, but this doesn’t seem right. I’ll shut up now

  5. B-B –

    Yes, I am in no place to judge, either…but it seems too many are looking for a gravy train…because they can.

    Read the story of Audie Murphy, or watch the many stories of Medal of Honor winners on YouTube.

    Oooh…oooh….I have PTSD from listening to liberal BS.

    I’m not making light of any warrior….but when you sign on the dotted line you have to know what may be expected of you.

    It’s like a marriage….when you say “I do”…it means “I will” in sickness and health. There is no fine print.

    I have no answers, just an opinion….that and .75 cents will buy me a cup of coffee.

    I’ll shut up now.

  6. I had a rant a few moments ago, but it disappeared. I was in from 1960 to 1964. Army. The Cold War.
    The Bay of Pigs, April 1961; The Berlin Wall August 1961; The Cuban Missile crisis October 1962, and the asassination of President Kennedy November 1963 I Never fired a shot. But those were scary times.
    Our veterans should be sought out and helped. More money should be allocated to our veterans welfare than welfare for illegals and foreign aid.

  7. Russian Bot. Yes there are many phonies. Most of them are in government. Lots of poor bastards out there who don’t know how to go for help. They are the ones I try to help.

  8. BB. Don’t know where to begin. Will start here anyway: Be so proud of what U and the little missus have done to MAGA. There are 4 Stars who’ve served, and done more damage to our country than the MSM will ever expose. Exhibit A? Colon Oscopy-Prep-Results-Powell, AF General Merrill McPeak. Only God knows how much damage flag officers, on the treasonous gay Kenyan commie’s watch, did to America. Former CIC Clinton? Only objective historians will ever tell the truth. Jimmuh? That’s a book by itself. BB, be assured those of us in uniform were more grateful to never-served-patriots like you than we were ever grateful to those high rankers in uniform who were traitors. You, BB, served your country well.

  9. Moetom –

    Nah.. You said it perfectly!

    I was just trying to be clear. I think our veterans/warriors that need help are more important than any illegal immigrant that ever existed.

    But, as with anything, there are those that abuse any gov’t program.

    I give to anysoldier.com monthly to help those right now…

  10. Every veteran should get automatic housing if they need it, just the way welfare recipients get, however, the welfare sponges never sacrificed 1 minute for their country or anyone else.

  11. B_B –

    Excellent clip. Thank You for posting it.

    Have you read Luttrell’s ‘Lone Survivor’? Most excellent. His other book ‘Service’ details his rescue that was sort of glossed over and then his last tour in Fallujah. Tho, not as popular…it’s just as riveting.

  12. .45-70
    I have it, but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. I thought the best part of this was Rob O’Neill describing running into the WWII vet wearing a “SEAL Hell Week June 1944” hat. Very funny.


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