NEW YORK (Reuters) – Singer Carly Simon has revealed the mystery behind one of pop music’s enduring puzzles: the inspiration for her 1972 hit “You’re So Vain.”  [Story Here]

REUTERS/Jason Redmond
REUTERS/Jason Redmond

Irony Curtain update-


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  1. She wants the speculation to continue. She said only the second verse is about Beatty.

    Remember when she and then-hubby James Taylor checked into “mental institutions” at the same time way back when?

    My brother still laughs about that.

  2. That’s exactly who I thought it was partly of!!! She has been out in the sun WAY too long! Or else, lived WAY too long! Wow.

  3. The lesson here is a clear one. Fellas, if ya need to scratch the Jew broad itch, do it early and get out right away.

    This photo of Bubbe Carly is actually three years old already.


  4. Microchimerism just might occur also during sexual contact not just from pregnancy. Hmmm, how does it happen that a lot of people start looking like their dogs and muzzies have camel noses. Never mind.

    You might just be correct Unruly.

  5. Wyatt, I have always done well at the hippodrome by betting on the horse that takes a big, giant shit right before the race.

    (huh? what? that only applies at the dog track??)

  6. She has one of those faces that “launched a thousand ships!”

    And those who couldn’t flee on a ship, swam!!!!!111

  7. I do feel sorry for her that she was abused at age 9 or 10. Where the hell were her parents? They sure weren’t around to protect her. That set her life on it’s course.

  8. Back in the day, when she was so hugely popular, and everyone swooned over her, I would say, “but she’s so homely.” And I would just get the look, like I was crazy. Well, she WAS and still is, homely.

  9. She looks like she could be the love child of Joe E. Brown and Martha Raye.

    (some of you will be old enough to get that one)


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