Disgraced Tribal Leader Gets Death Penalty

Cherie Rhodes was the tribal Chairwomen for the Modac tribe until she was caught embezzling $50,000 and kicked out tribal housing.  She had just lost her appeal to stay on the reservation in 2014 when she pulled a 9 mm and started shooting tribal members. When she ran out of bullets she went and found a knife in the kitchen and went back to work.


Her death sentence was handed down in California, so she’ll be spending the rest of her days in prison housing.

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  1. People that just love death penalties in California:
    – Defense lawyers
    – Appeals judges
    – Advocate organizations

  2. In cases such as these where there is no doubt of the guilt of the accused, they should be put to death no later then one year after conviction. Provide whatever legal means needed to appeal, fast track the appeal(s) as appropriate and if the appeals fail then set the date and kill them. Otherwise you have a murderer with nothing but time on their hands (which in and of itself could be described as cruel and unusual) with which to figure out how to hurt someone (a guard, another inmate or a visitor) or to turn the cellblock upside down with basic inmate bullshit all paid for by overburdened taxpayers.

    There are some people whose crimes are so horrendous and that the perpetrator has demonstrated that they are broken and cannot be fixed and the sooner society and the government realize this the better. Having a functional death penalty doesn’t lessen us as a society, in fact I suggest it shows a maturing and acceptance of reality.

  3. Hanging is fast, painless, and cost a lot less than lethal injection! The tax payers are the ones who will end up passing blood to pay for her every whim.

  4. When you’re young, you think being a gynecologist would be a fantastic job. Women like this are the harsh reality check. Ewwwh.

  5. Didn’t get the Large Marge reference until the video clip was posted. Never could stomach Peewee Herman, so I didn’t watch any of his kiddie movies.

  6. She just went from one federal welfare agency
    to another and got a new EBT card and girlfriends
    in the process.

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