Disgusting: Minnesota’s Liberal Powderhorn Park neighborhood sacrifices boy’s safety to remain woke

Child sexually assaulted in Minnesota park where neighbors swore off calling the police.

Residents of the Powderhorn Park neighborhood, which was described by the New York Times in a report last week as “a haven to leftist activists and bohemian artists,” vowed not to involve police as a way to protest racial injustice and police brutality. Many residents said they would look the other way regarding property damage, even to their own homes.

14 Comments on Disgusting: Minnesota’s Liberal Powderhorn Park neighborhood sacrifices boy’s safety to remain woke

  1. The won’t turn over information concerning the assault? Charge them as accomplices. Problem solved.

  2. Fuck em! Don’t respond to any of their calls and make sure the animals know it. Let them hunt the Powderhorn to their hearts content.

  3. Children are just pawns to the left. Once you are willing to sacrifice them on the altar of abortion, they can be sacrificed for any cause.

  4. Bohemian artists? Most of them are pervs. Leftist activists? Mental defects who want only to destroy everything of value in America.

    No kid should ever wander into that neighborhood. It’s Satan’s living room.

  5. What the fuck is this shit? Are they trying to do a real-life Purge movie?

    Mark my words, the Socialist Left is like a rusted-out shitbox car with NO BRAKES. With the Left it’s always a race to the bottom to see who can out-do each other in a game of One-Upmanship

    This is like the French Revolutions Mob creating the Reign Of Terror. It got so bad at the end, the Mob would tear victims’ arms and legs off and disembowel them, eating the intestines while victim was still alive and screaming. True story. The only thing that stopped it was Napoleon taking power. And he created a police state that was the model for all Socialist govts that followed. KGB, Stasi, Chinks, Gestapo.

    If Trump has the election stolen from him, we will get the French Revolution v2.0

  6. There are two kinds of liberals aka democrats: those who are ignorant, gullible and low information and those who are nefarious sociopaths. Not all liberals are sociopaths but every sociopath is a liberal.

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