Disney actor fired after arrest for allegedly trying to lure minor for sex



[…] Court documents obtained by KSL reveal that Westmoreland communicated with an individual he believed to be 13 years old “on an internet app used for dating and meeting people for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity.”

According to the report, police claimed that Westmoreland encouraged the underage individual to send him nude photos and engage in sexual activity with him.

Westmoreland also reportedly sent explicit photos to the minor.  more

7 Comments on Disney actor fired after arrest for allegedly trying to lure minor for sex

  1. Notice the article refers to the victim as the “13 year old individual”? Never “boy” or “girl”. We already know the reason why.

  2. Tony R is right, obviously this guy is gay, on top of being a pedophile, so they don’t report the gender of the BOY he thought that he was taking to.

  3. Where’s all that “tolerance” we hear so much about?
    Where’s Schmuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi?
    NAMBLA hasn’t taken a stand on this?
    Disney has been exploiting adolescent sex for a generation – why the sudden outbreak of “morality?”

    We’ve got pre-pubescent fag-farms, 10 y/o boy “dancers” in fag bars in NYC, a decidedly pedophilic Hollyweird, and pervert adoption – so why pretend that this is “unusual?”

    And – AND – there probably never was a 13 y/o involved! Just a cop living out his sordid fantasy.

    Difficult to determine which is worse – the pervertedness or the absurdity.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Disney died decades ago and so did his dream of wholesome entertainment. I’m glad I visited Disneyland and Walt Disney World while it was still mostly normal.


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