Disney Announces Kaepernick Will Be Coming to ESPN with Help from Jemele Hill

WJ: Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick has signed with ESPN’s parent, The Walt Disney Co., to create content about his political activism, according to a news release Monday.

Kaepernick, who began kneeling during the national anthem in 2016 while he was with the San Francisco 49ers, will pair with Black Lives Matter activist and former ESPN host Jemele Hill across multiple Disney platforms to create content exploring “the quest for equity.”

“The partnership will focus on telling scripted and unscripted stories that explore race, social injustice and the quest for equity, and will provide a new platform to showcase the work of Black and Brown directors and producers,” ESPN said in the news release. MORE

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  1. Mickey Mouse Quarterback.

    He won’t last. He is a one trick pony with very little to say.

  2. Well, looks like Disney bought themselves a house n___ … uhh … hope the stockholders enjoy losing money.

    “Yo, Colin! Kneel right there!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  3. I think both he and Jemele should reveal both of their “23 & Me” genetic test results. That way I can decide which part of each I dislike the most….

  4. Both joined at the hip & lip, jumped off the SJW cliff.
    Too bad they both made a conscience decision to stray from their money making entertainment business models and go full retard.
    “You NEVER go full retard!”

  5. Hey, as long as we’re ruining our network, might as well go all the way to the sewer, executives were overheard to say.

  6. Shock? They fired a guy for saying Americans are good folk. And ESPN MNF has been tanking ever since! Bocefus is the name of the America lover Disney fired. “Family Tradition”!

    They did a move 20 years ago with Davey Crockett as a white nationalist, racist! It lost $hundreds of millions “Alamo”

    Disney has hated America for at lest 40 years!

  7. Another reason we glad we turned in our cable box two months ago. I would pay money to cut Colon Peckerneck’s hair.

  8. *whips out notebook and pen*

    Patient: ESPN
    Time of death: 2020.
    Cause of death: Suicide-by-ratings.

    *closes notebook, puts popcorn in microwave*

  9. I wish that conservatives could show as much gumption as the left progressives seem to be able to. If the situation would somehow be reversed the left could be counted on the create a boycott of Disneyland along with gate demonstration and email campaigns, they’d do the same with ESPN and ABC as well as Star Wars and Marvel movies as well as any other Disney Product until Disney was squealing like a little piggy.

    Look how much power gays can grab just by threatening a boycott against companies whose services they never use. I’m beginning to be afraid that too many of us think that this stuff will just blow over and that liberals will just come to their senses and in the end do the right thing and that’s not going to happen.

  10. Petition your legislators NOW:
    No EBT money can pay for cable ESPN! Stick the fork in them.

    (Psst: Mickey & Minnie donned blackface, pass it on.)

  11. I forgot where I read it but the head of ESPN wanted to plow Jemele Hill’s plantation. Something about how she was the only person he followed on Twatter.

    ESPN wants it both ways. They flip flop between trying to appear impartial but their product can’t stop pissing off their consumers.

    It’s time to examine KP’s heroic transsexual past. To ignore it is to not discuss the elephant trunk in the room.

  12. Today at lunch, Walt complained, “Gingers, Jews, and gingers and yet they won’t unlock my SONG OF THE SOUTH.”

    Note: Walt was dyslexic.

  13. If you pay for satellite or cable TV, you are paying Disney. Cancel it today if you want to do your part in defunding them and ll other propaganda outlets.

  14. @Miss Kitty – I have noticed he’s getting whiter and whiter – like he took lessons from Michael Jackson. What’s next, Botox? Nose surgery? The guy has a giant schnoz that needs reducing.

  15. Jimmy
    I try not looking at him, but aren’t Iranians, Arabians a little lighter skin toned than blacks? They also have a tendency to have large noses too.

    Maybe he’s photoshopped, who knows? Are we stereotyping much? 😁 🤭

  16. The last I knew, Miss Kitty, Iranians and Arabians were classified as ‘Caucasian.’ He looks a little Egyptian to me, which of course, is historically mixed African and southern Mediterranean. Don’t quote me, however! 🙂

  17. You know, he might actually be an improvenent over STEPHEN SMITH!!

    At least he wont be so damn ANGRY all the time. For one thing, Karpernick doesnt seem to have enough mental energy to register an emotion

  18. Disney? I didn’t know Colin cared about discrimination against sniffers of little girls’ hair.

  19. Interesting point about him being Egyptian. The one sticking point is that he’s too damm fast. Dude once had a 90 yard TD run where he outran everyone on the field

    On other hand, there is a smidgeon of black East African genetics in Egyptians. And of course, there could be a little West African from elsewhere

  20. “Dude once had a 90 yard TD run where he outran everyone on the field” Howard Cosell had a name for that.

  21. if craponhisdick was any good or had any real talent an nfl team would hire him no matter what controversies he brings with him.

    there have been plenty of controversial quarterbacks in the nfl.

    they all had real talent and were good.

    craponhisdick just plain sucks at the quarterback position.

    his best performance was when he took a knee.

  22. Turds cluster. Just look in the crapper. ESPN and Kap
    are staring back at you just before you flush.


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