‘Disney Plus’ Channel Issues Stupid Wokeness Warning About Old Movies

PJM: Disney finally launched its much-ballyhooed streaming service Disney Plus on Tuesday, getting 10 million people to sign up for a free trial in its first 24 hours. The film library is, of course, deep and full of cinematic history. It features an impressive offering of Disney movies old and new. Disney apparently feels that some of the older ones are problematic, and has decided to air them with warning labels: MORE

21 Comments on ‘Disney Plus’ Channel Issues Stupid Wokeness Warning About Old Movies

  1. I bought a Looney Toones Leghorn Cleghorn video about 3 years ago and it had the warning then. If you’re offended by two cartoon crows pretending to be mexicans please do the world a favor and drop dead.

  2. How about overdubing the crows with the voices of the obamas? But then, for Michelle, porky pig might be more appropi

  3. It’s a good thing I took my son to see Song of The South at the theater when he was young back in the late 80’s, he’ll never get to see it again. And I’m beginning to hate Disney more and more because they’ve totally caved to political correctness. What’s next Davey Crockett is racist because he fought against the Mexicans and was killed at the Alamo. And don’t even get me started on how Ted Turner turned Speedy Gonzalez and his cousin the slowest mouse in all Mexico Slowpoke Rodriquez into racist caricatures. When are they going to ban Pat Boone singing about Speedy Gonzalez or Ray Stevens singing Ahab the Arab? I have all the large Popeye books, all 6 volumes of EC Segar’s Popeye daily and Sunday cartoons from the 1930’s and they would shit kittens at those cartoons which are funnier than hell.

  4. Oh man! Just watched Dumbo with the grandkids last week. My 6 yr-old was concerned that the crows were bullying Dumbo! I told her to keep watching. They are actually the HEROES. According to the DisneyWiki https://disney.fandom.com/wiki/The_Crows the voices were actually Black Americans and not “culturally appropriated”. That whole scene makes the movie work. The crows give Dumbo the confidence to fly and they become a warm and supportive ally. I wish there was more of that!

    Now, that being said, The Roustabout song DOES bother me!

  5. Will they also issue snowflake warnings to dumbass baby boomers who think Old Yeller and Bambi are horror movies since both Old Yeller and Bambi’s mom are killed. Or the talking trees in Babes In Toyland that scared the snot out of my next youngest brother when he was a small kid back in the early 60’s.

  6. Where does it end? Uncle Walt must be flippin’ out. Growing up in the late 50’s thru the 60’s I can remember cartoons that would’ve made these SJW’s today retreat to their safe spaces never to return. Back then, any cartoon about WWII showed Hitler as an imbecile and Japs as slant eyed, buck toothed bumbling incompetents with heavy framed Tojo style glasses.

    We cheered America and laughed our asses off.

  7. I made the mistake of trying to watch Pinocchio the other day and before I was 5 minuets into it I nearly collapsed.
    My therapy dog has just arrived this morning, hope you’re happy Disney!

  8. Remake of Sleeping Beauty (no offense intended for references to physical attributes) will have the sleeping person (pronouns to be determined) kissed by another woman or, there will be a statement that kissing was not allowed as there was no prior written consent agreement.
    Dittos that other person with the obvious politically incorrect name and her seven altitude challenged friends would have to object to the kiss.

  9. Snowflakes are scared of their own shadows. And everything else as well, that’s why they live in mommy’s basement. They are like the old Simon and Garfunkel song I Am A Rock except they’re rocks have turned to ashes where they’re hiding in their room, safe within their womb where no one touches them, except their guilt stricken mommy of course. I couldn’t wait to move out when I was 18 back in 1971 even though I lived in Portland for a year before I joined the Navy.

  10. Modern day “book burning”. Be very afraid of people who would deny your right to read, view or listen to something
    TCM has to be wondering when they’re next!
    I thought the whole point of History was to learn from it, not hide from it!

  11. The Aristocats, Jungle Book…?
    How are they racist?
    Paul Winchell’s siamese cat was my favorite as a child, I loved that he used chopsticks to play the piano. Not damaging.

    King Louie is an iconic and well loved character. One of the best disney songs are sung by him. Also not damaging.

    Fook off Disney. >:l

  12. I might shed a tear as this happens but … FORCE Disney to Destroy EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE FILMS. NO copies held for posterity … at least not for Disney. AND they CANNOT Write Off any of this lost product since they created these racist image and they profited off of these racist – yadda – yadda! Then Make them PAY ALL OF US for each time we watched them – refund our fees plus damages! …

    It Only seems Like The Right Thing To – Do .

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