Disturbing Reaction By White UVA Students After Being Told There Are Too Many White Students in Multicultural Center

We’ve been told there is no such thing as reverse racism… what about reverse apartheid?

These are some of the reactions by UVA students after a video went viral which showed a woman saying there were too many white people in the Multicultural Center for black people to feel comfortable.


YAF visited the University of Virginia to ask students: should white people be allowed in spaces like the MSC?

original video-

23 Comments on Disturbing Reaction By White UVA Students After Being Told There Are Too Many White Students in Multicultural Center

  1. What if you had high cheekbones and your grandma told you Indian stories, but you looked white? Could you come in then?

  2. Why would the honkies want to hang out with them in the first place?

    But it’s an easy fix — they can put up a sign that states honkies aren’t allowed, and the others can put up a sign stating coloreds are strictly forbidden.

  3. I’d go in there with mime makeup on and brighten that place to where you’d have to wear welding goggles. Who the hell is raising these idiots? Google, Twitter and Facebook would be my guess.

  4. You can’t win. They welcome segregation, but only when it’s convenient for them. Flip it around and…yeah, you know what will happen.

    PS – the white guilt in today’s college students is sickening.

  5. I commented on the original video by saying I wanted to talk to that black girl about how hurtful her comments were and how they keep America divided. I wanted to speak in terms she would understand so I told her: “Oink?? Oinky-oink, oink-oink! Oinky-oinky, oink oink!” I hope she takes it to heart.

  6. Well, cancel the funding for the new Sally Hemmings wing which was gonna be established for white people to hook up with black folks…or mulattos….

  7. OK, we’ll all rent a house down the street and we’ll have better water fountains, bathrooms and an awesome Woolworth counter.

  8. Track backward someone’s loud preoccupation with “race” and you will likely find nothing but greed for easy money.

  9. sooo…definition of multi-cultural is NOT-WHITE.

    wonder where the funding comes from? are non-multi-culturals exempt from funding it.

  10. I can’t watch those vids anymore, I’m too pissed off to.

    Their guilt started with THEIR parents and those Obama years of American White Guilt, this is the change we were told about that was a comin’.

  11. They want someplace they can plot against Whitey in privacy.

    Proper response: we all need to learn to get along.
    – Can’t we just get along?

  12. Sneaky. Democrat racists are re-implementing a stealth separatism. I’m waiting until one of the “tolerant” stupids tells a minority student that perhaps he “would feel more comfortable” in the “safe space” instead of the the (whiter and whiter) regular spaces.

    (By the way, what’s the definition of “safe”?)

  13. Actually I’m beginning to cotton to their demands. I demand my own safe space far, far away from the whiny, sniveling, coddled booger eaters in perpetuity….or at least until they break from this cult and can prove they’re worthy of joining the civil society.

  14. “too many white people in the Multicultural Center for black people”..
    When was it last said?
    “too many black people in the Multicultural Center for white people”?
    Never, white people don’t give a shit about your racially taught insecurities,,

  15. Our house was a multicultural gathering place. All the kids of all races liked it because it was like the anti safe space. Military kids don’t play that nonsense. We were all races and we were not even a little bit PC.

  16. College President Lazlo can fix this!
    You want the lights on during your lectures? 2 hours on the generator bike per day
    Lights in common spaces? 15 minutes per day
    Hot water during certain hours? 1 hour a day.
    Heat in the building: 2 hours

  17. Oh, fer feck sake! What a ridiculous collection of self-important nobodies talking nonsense!!

    My sister has an actual job, working on that campus, and continues to surprise me with true stories of the immature, entitled, politically correct ejits she encounters on a daily basis. There is a small satisfaction in knowing that most of them will have a rude awakening when they graduate and encounter the real world… and a sad acknowledgement that the rest of them are trust fund babies and multicultural scholarship recipients who are just beginning a lifetime of networking in ‘the swamp’ and will rule over us as we work our way through life…

    I think Thomas Jefferson AND Sallie Hemmings would be horrified that it has come to this.


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