Disturbing Revelations of Sex Trafficking; Interview with Jaco Booyens

In today’s episode of Common Sense, we sit down with Jaco Booyens, the CEO of After Eden Pictures and the founder of SHAREtogether, to discuss the global crisis of Sex Trafficking.

5 Comments on Disturbing Revelations of Sex Trafficking; Interview with Jaco Booyens

  1. Sex trafficking is merely one tentacle of the global cabal octopus.

    Every human vice is organized and controlled with the cabal laundering the illicit billions through charities like the Clinton Foundation. The cabal then collects its kickbacks from the cartels.

    Like Epstein’s mysterious billions you do not need to control the enterprise, you need only control the leader of the enterprise.

    Own the head honcho, own the business. The cabal actually supports the heads of the crime families who in turn kickback to the cabal.

    Drugs, prostitution, gun running, pedophilia, you name it and the CIA owns it. PDJT must clear the Aegean stables of 150 years of accumulated filth, and every single federal agency with the exception of the military is rotten to the core, and even the military was being subsumed by the Oreo Kenyan.

    Hillezibub and the Jug Eared Jesus hide behind the curtain of a worldwide criminal enterprise that owns the owners of governments, corporations, and syndicates across the globe.

    Satan is the ultimate owner of all the evil of this world and he operates the same way, if he owns your soul he owns you.

    War with China will come after the election and chaos/martial law will come before it. Prepare patriots.

  2. I am awake again in the middle of the night praying and weeping for what is happening in my country. God help us, we need to repent and have a revival lest we be destroyed by the evil that is engulfing this country including my city of Spokane which I thought would never happen until last night. God help us. We need to all pray like we’ve never prayed before fervently and in repentance that we will be delivered from the evil that is engulfing this nation. And pray for President Trump as well that God will supernaturally protect him from harm. We are in a war that is not only physical but spiritual as well. My faith tells me we can get thru this but it will be hard fought battle that may cost some of us our lives, our fortune and our sacred honor just like our forefathers who founded this nation. I hope and pray that I am worthy of their sacrifice for the sake of this nation and for my children and my 4 little granddaughters. And you don’t want to know what I think of the sex traffickers, it isn’t pretty, they need to be eliminated from the rest of decent humanity.

  3. If we had an impassioned and energenic attorney general, heads would have been rolling 15 months ago. Barr is so bad.

  4. That crook Wray still heada the FBI. So it’ll be our turn to riot, and target the colleges turning out leftist monsters and officed of leftist freaks enabling them and hollyood idiots bailing them out, and the homes and offices of the billionares funding it all. And, ChiComm embassies.

  5. There is a reason Epstein was whacked in jail.
    And there is a reason the FBI is doing nothing about it.
    Lawlessness is like wildfire. Let epsteins murder go, the next thing you know there will be organized leftist billionaire-funded riots across the nation.


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